Monday, June 27, 2016

January 2016 iPhone Pics

The early days of January found us playing with lots of Christmas toys.  Micah is at the stage where his gifts are TONS of pieces and require some additional help to get him started.  Playmobile, I'm looking at you!

The kids were happy for a new crop of Christmas cards to pray over during family devotion time.  It's so fun to see people we love and introduce our kids to them.  This particular card was from two of our youth during our Erlanger days.  They are now married, she just finished nurse practitioner school and they moved to San Antonio.
This was a college of our midnight kisses on New Year's Eve.
Books with daddy are always fun!!  This was a new book the boys got called The Biggest Story.  If you don't have it, you need it.
Oh man...the year of the big Social Studies project.  I'm so glad this is behind us.  Yes, I know we have plenty of projects coming over the years but this one is DONE.

Date night!
"They loved the glory that came from man more than the glory that came from God."  That was a Word for me that morning.
Sometimes we coordinate for church.  Sometimes we are really sleepy and yawn in the middle of the picture.

I got this fun rain jacket for my birthday from Louise.  It's one of my favorite things that I hardly ever get to wear!
More Christmas cards!
This was so good that I saved it to my camera roll.
This too!
Much of our year from August forward was spent trying to get healthier.  That's been a struggle, y'all.  But, we press on.  Dan is at his goal.  I'm not.  But, I'm closer today than yesterday.  So, I keep going.
Another Christmas Card

Yep...another card!  (In case you don't know, we sometimes text the people who live away to ask them how we can pray for them.  I usually send the picture of the boys holding the card!)
Oh, this day!  This was the sweetest.  Micah and I met Dan for lunch.  As we sat down, he asked me if I would sit at a different table so he could "have some talks" with Dan.  I certainly obliged.  And, took a few pictures in the process.

More Social Studies project.
Micah discovered the massager Hazel let me borrow when my neck was hurt.
Story and devotion time with daddy!
Another Christmas card...
Game night with the Kingsley family!
This was Micah during game night.  Maybe he was playing hide and go seek?

Time for UPWARD!!!!  We LOVE the Upward program and are already excited for it to come back around next year.  And, next year, we will have TWO kids playing.  YIKES!
Micah is enjoying his nights of reading the Magic Treehouse series.  
Jonah's favorite Lego's are Star Wars Characters.  He got this one with some of his Christmas money and LOVED it!!!
Jonah's teacher sent me this message on Class Dojo to let me know he did well on his presentation.  

This boy and this hat.  It kills me.  He has so much fun with it.  

More fun with his Lego creations.  

Let me tell you what I love...
FUZZY PANTS & FUZZY SOCKS!!!  These mornings are my very favorite.  

Sometimes I take Mix with me to get Jonah from school.  Jonah LOVES those days!
Thumbs Up with these boys is always a bit funny!  Micah likes to take things a little bit too silly for Jonah.  

One of Micah's favorite things is when Jonah brings friends home and they end up playing with him instead...especially the girls.  Micah adores Riley because she spends so much time with him.  He mom is our favorite Kindergarten teacher so she learned all about little kids from her.  
Jordan and I are blood buddies.  We'll be in this exact spot again on Wednesday.  Love that crazy girl!

His word.  Everyone should experience them.  
One day I needed a pedicure and he wanted to go "watch what happens with toes!"
Jessica and her family moved to Washington State back in January.  We had a Favorite Things Going Away party for her right before she left.  

Fun Spot is a family favorite of ours.  We were so excited to share a day there with the West family.  They are some of our favorite friends and our boys had so much fun with them  (US too!)

See, doesn't it look like they are having fun?  The little brothers did NOT like waiting to ride Go-Karts.  

The day we met was January 16, 1998.  This copper necklace I have has the 4 most important family dates on it.  I always try to wear it on those dates.  

Over MLK Weekend, the boys and I had a little overnight adventure at Disney.  

Breakfast at the Magic Kingdom was pretty fantastic!

I sent Dan this Selfie because I forgot my bag of hair products and brush so I had to steal Micah's hat for the day.  Little hat...big head.  

Both of my kids LOVE when I let them out of the car about 10-15 houses before ours so they can run the rest of the way home.  
One of the rare times my workout clothes match!

Apparently Max enjoys the fuzzy also!

Eli's last night at our church.  
Loved having Dave & Jackie at our church for the Interim period.  I seriously can't even tell you how much they taught us and encouraged us.  

The Robinson's last night at our church.  I dropped them at the airport super early the next morning.  Look at baby Malachi.  He's already 6 months old now.  

After getting in from the airport, I picked Micah up from school and we went straight to Blue Springs to see the manatees.  

Working on my Spiralizer recipes.  

We always love working with Hannah at Daddy Daughter Date Night.  

This is why he has gray hair.  Poor, poor dog!

Look what's back in DeLand.  Can you believe I haven't bought one gallon ounce of Blue Bell yet!!!?!?!

We LOVED having Life Action here for almost 3 weeks.  I can't even describe what we experienced.  

Some nights it was a total struggle for my boys to stay awake.  But, they loved it and got so much from it.  I'm grateful for those days.  I'm still applying the truths and dealing with the conviction of that experience.  It was so good!

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