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December 2015 iphone Post

We got new phones mid-December so these pictures are all from that date through the end of December.  Jonah was super excited to march in the DeLand Christmas parade to represent his school.  The excitement quickly waned when he realized that "march" actually meant "march."  He wanted to ride on a cool float.  He ended up having so much fun!
On occasion, I get to snuggle a sweet baby like Savannah.  Then, I get to hand her back to her momma and go home to my bed and sleep ALL NIGHT!
I was in Jonah's classroom the day they worked on cinnamon ornaments.  I did this project with them.  His had an excessive amount of sparkle added.  

Micah always loves the opportunity to be at Jonah's school.  He thinks his big brother is so cool.  And, all of Jonah's friends are so nice to him.  
College kids at our house is one of the most fun things every for two little boys.  ESPECIALLY when they let him do magic tricks for them.  

Or, when they hide in the bathtub with you to scare people!
Jonah got the treat of a lifetime when Jimmy came to town and took him to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse to celebrate his good grades and reading awards.  

A shadow selfie!
Micah spent the evening with our neighbors, Helen and Gary.  She made ornaments with him and he could hardly wait to get home and put it on the tree.  

Micah sat in Jimmy's lap for our Christmas program that morning.  
Doesn't Jonah looked thrilled to be singing in the service?

Micah's Christmas program was that afternoon at his school.  

As you can see, we had a clear shot of him for the entire performance.  Except, the exact opposite of that.  

These pictures gave me such a chuckle when I uploaded them and remembered what happened that day.  Micah was about to get a shot.  Jonah tried to make him feel better by showing him it wouldn't really hurt.  He pinched him to show him what it would feel like.  Except, the pinch really hurt and Micah cried.  

Oh was hilarious.  So, so funny!

Grayson spent the afternoon with us at the playground on a day his mom had meetings.  

Board games are a FAVORITE in this house!

Sometimes being 5 years old is very hard!
The Awana kids shared some of their scripture on one of our Wednesday night services.  

My favorite Jessica Simpson sunglasses that got misplaced.  :-(

This little mouse rocked his performance at the Christmas party.  

I don't know how long Micah will remember Cole but this little boy is Micah's absolute BEST friend at school.  Cole won't be going to school with Micah and is actually moving.  It makes me so sad to know there is someone who means so much to Micah that will no longer be in his life.  He adores Cole.  I'm all sad just thinking about it.  
I had to take my ring in to have all the prongs replaced.  I took a picture of it in case it disappeared.  (I'm not dramatic or anything!)
We came home one day to all of these packages at our door.  Between my shopping for others, people sending packages to our boys, our own Christmas shopping and a few other things, we had a BIG delivery that day.  
As you can see, Max has a really hard life.  
The last day of school before Christmas break!  PAJAMA DAY!
We sure love this sweet 4th grade teachers.  She has worked wonders with our boy!

Dan took Jonah and Rylan to see Star Wars on opening day!
Little brother was sad he was missing it so I took him to Daytona to That One Fun Place.  That was a perfect trade off for him.  

He got to pick where we had dinner.  He chose Waffle House and was happier than he had ever been at a restaurant!

It's always fun to try to take pictures of siblings.  :-)

Oh, we sure love Lennon.  She and Micah have been buddies since they were tiny babies.  It's been fun to see then grow up together.  

When you get home from a Church event and your babysitter sends you this list of all they did while you were gone, you know you've found a winner!

Mail days are THE MOST FUN when Christmas cards start arriving!

I spent one of Micah's birthday parties writing thank you notes with my feet up!
Our beautiful tree...
It's a story I choose not share on the blog but I had an unfortunate experience at the bounce house place where a man assumed I was single because I wasn't wearing a wedding ring.  I told a couple from church about it over lunch then they delivered this $9 wedding band set to my house so I would appear married.  I laughed every single time I looked at it.  

We stopped for donuts on my birthday.  As best I remember, I didn't even eat one of the donuts but the boys sure enjoyed them for me. 
Then we spent the day with Colton making Christmas cookies.  That's one of our favorite holiday activities.  
The weather was perfect so the boys and I spent some time on the hammock.  
Then we exchanged Christmas gifts with Colton. 
And, the best part of my birthday was the glorious NAP!!!  
After I woke up, we jumped on the Sun Rail and took a ride to to Winter Park for Ice Skating and dinner!

Our return trip was delayed by a couple of hours so Jonah used the Kindle app on my phone to read.  
We went to bed on the night of my birthday with great plans to wake up the next morning and run a 5K in Lake Helen.  
Except, we woke up with a sick kid.  That kept us all home on vomit watch.  By later in the day, he was much better so we decided at the last minute that he could go to the Christmas Eve service afterall.  Aren't they cute?  

Seriously, is there anything sweeter?
I took this picture to send to my friend Teresa who gave me these pajama pants from Victoria Secret long before I ever met Dan.  I wanted her to know she got her moneys worth!
Micah got a Karaoke machine for Christmas from Louise.  There is nothing else I can even say about this.  

We thought he was well.  Then he fell asleep on the couch next to Dan on Christmas Day.  We knew things weren't good.  

Then he snuggled into the Santa bag and fell asleep again.  It was getting worse.  

It took  couple of days for him to feel better but he was finally on the upswing so we pulled out the board games.  
Micah has loved dress-up since he was 3.  We put this little rack in his room so all of this was accessible to him.  

The WORST Christmas give ever.  This thing took forever to put together but didn't even work.  

Maybe this is the worst Christmas gift ever...a Jillian DVD!!!!! KILLER!

I don't even remember what this was about but I'm sure it was s text to Dan conveying my feelings about whatever was going on at the moment.  

These shoes have seen many miles since August.  
Emi delivered egg rolls to our house on New Years Eve.  We were so grateful.  They were awesome!
This made me laugh then and still makes me laugh today.  
Vera and Art sent this to the boys and you can see the crazy excitement on their faces!!
We were all ready to see the ball drop on New Years Eve.  

Two of the Three of us did NOT make it.  

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