Monday, May 30, 2016

Soccer Shots

 Earlier this year, I came across a program called Soccer Shots.  It reminded me a little of Upward because it was about teaching character AND soccer.  As a bonus, it only met once per week.  It's so hard for us to commit to things that last for months and meet several times per week.  This looked perfect.  And, as a bonus, a couple of friends from church were interested as well.  
 Jonah was in the final month of meeting his RC goal so he spent most practices on the bench with a book.  You'll see in later pictures that Cameron was on the same mission and was right next to him with her book.  
 Some of our SBC friends...

 I seriously cannot say enough good about this program.  Each week, we got an email like this one...

Soccer Shots is thankful for the privilege to teach your children the fundamentals of soccer, as well as demonstrating good character.  This week the young soccer players were taught how to SHARE, especially with the soccer balls. When the balls were handed out, each player learned how to share by switching balls with each other.  The new skill taught this week is called the SCISSOR.  This soccer move requires balance with one foot (stationary next to the ball) and the other foot behind the stationary foot to the inside of the ball then kicking the ball with the outside of the foot. The skill was also incorporated in a game where the coach tries to take the ball away, but the children perform the scissor move to get away.  Each child is given a chance to score a goal at the end of each class, while their teammates wait patiently.  The length of the scrimmage games are getting longer every week, so the players can work together as well as incorporate the skills they have learned throughout the season. We hope your child is enjoying each class.  

 Micah and Sam loved playing together, taking water breaks together, not liking the stamps together and then begging to go eat dinner at Chickfila together.  

Tuesday night is our last night of Soccer Shots but you can be sure we will be looking for registration to open again.  We love the athletic confidence Micah has gained.  It's been fun to watch him come out of his shell while learning a new sport.  

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