Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Jonah's 2015 Piano Recital

If you've never caught a kid mid-sneeze, then you've never had a photo like this!

We all got dressed up for Jonah's piano recital.  He was the least excited about wearing "cold clothes when it is hot outside."

We loved the recital even more this time because we had several friends participating as well.  

Jonah always gets a little nervous and his face shows it.  He was excited to play but a little scared as well.  

He and Ms. Ginny played a duet.  He loved playing with her.  

Jonah's 1st grade teacher, Leigh Hoover and his 3rd grade teacher, Jessica Leonard both came to hear him play.  (And their own daughters who played as well!)  :-)

Miss Hannah was there to hear some of the kids in the Children's Ministry at Stetson.  
We have a great love and respect for Ms. Ginny.  She's been so good for Jonah.  

Jonah and Addison Leonard

The two little brothers hung in there but would have preferred to be elsewhere, I'm sure.  These two will start Kindergarten together in August of 2016.

This one has already been talking to Ms. Ginny about when HE can play the piano.  
He.  Is.  Done. (For another year!)  

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