Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter 2015

 We woke the boys up on Easter morning and they both struggled to get out of bed.  Micah's motivation was the box of Munchkins Louise dropped by earlier in the morning.  He came down the hall while we waited on Jonah to join him.  

 Sleepyhead finally made it to the foyer to join the rest of us.  

 They boys were happy to find treats from Ms. Louise  waiting for them.  She's always so kind to do special things for them.  

 It's not a holiday at Stetson Baptist Church without one of our family photos getting photobombed!  (Thank you Dan for influencing this!)

 We tried to take a photo with Max but that crazy dog was so high strung that it wasn't the beautiful moment we tried to accomplish.  

 Jonah asked to take a picture of us.  He did a good job.  

 Then Micah asked to take a picture of the three of us and he did a...well, you'll see.  

 I'm thinking photography might not be his strong point.  He's cute though...see!
 The kids all hung out inside while the adults hid eggs for our annual Amy Neighborhood Egg Hunt.  

 Micah decided he needed to dress up for the Egg hunt because "Easter is a dressy day!"  I giggled every time I looked at him.  He wore that tie with pride.  

 When we got home from Ray and Kelly's house, the kids went outside to play while I did some stuff inside.  Micah came running and said "Daddy said a moment is coming!"  I didn't understand what he meant so I followed him outside.  I got there in time to see him climbing the ladder to the roof.  You should know, his "whole life dream" has been to get on the roof.  He talks about it all the time.  He asks daily if he can go up there.  So, when his nerf bullet landed on the roof, it all came together.  You've never seen a happier kid.  

It was another FABULOUS Easter.  Easter Sunday morning is my most favorite time of the year.  It's the day that the whole world pauses to proclaim HE IS RISEN.  Those 3 words changed the world.  Those 3 words changed my life.  Those 3 words...THEY ARE EVERYTHING!

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