Saturday, January 9, 2016

Upward 2016

 The time has finally arrived...UPWARD SEASON!  Jonah has been looking forward to this for months.  He actually came in our room and woke us up so we wouldn't be late.  Granted, that was three hours before his game.  
 It is crazy for me to even believe that this guy will be old enough to play next year.  Whaaaaa?  He's content to climb the bleachers, eat snacks and play with his friends this year.  
 Oh, wait!  Check out the sign.  I'm pretty sure these two do ALL of those things during Upward practices and games.  Whoever put that sign up didn't imagine the gym ever being used because I don't know of a kid who doesn't do those things.  

 These two little brothers have sat through many practices and games.  And, somewhere along the way, they learned to look at the camera AND smile at the same time.  Look how big they look!

 Micah took a rough tumble in the bathroom and Sam had to make sure he was okay.  

 The team meetings are some of the best parts of Upward.  They are such an edifying and encouraging time to kids and parents.  It reminds us that there are rewards other than scores when you are part of a team.  

 These two ended up on opposite teams again.  They played together in Kindergarten but that is all.  At least they ended up with the same number this year.  

 Jonah and Luke were happy to watch the bigger Nicholson boys in their game.  

 Logan has been Jonah's best friend since Kindergarten.  They have had every class together and are such big buddies.  Jonah is so happy Logan and his brothers are playing Upward...even though they are on opposing teams.  

We're all excited about another season of Upward.  It's a lot of time with practices and games but you can't beat the environment and the character building along with the athletic benefits.  

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Aja said...

We have loved Upward since before we had kids, and it's been so much fun to watch Holder really develop as an athlete and "big kid" during the seasons. I'm so happy Upward was our first experience with organized sports because it's a great environment! (And Miller looks forward to snacks and friends ;) )


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