Friday, January 22, 2016

Confessions & Quirks

A few of the bloggers I follow did a parental confession time yesterday.  It made me think of some of the weird quirks/confessions I have.  I decided to write about a few of them.

1.  Terrible Packer-  I'm the worst packer ever!  It's odd because I'm actually fairly organized and a real planner but if I pack a suit case for myself, I forget several things I need.  For instance, I took the boys on a little overnight trip to a Disney resort Sunday night.  I woke up Monday morning to realize I had forgotten my toothbrush, toothpaste and every hair product.  If you know me well, there isn't even a remote possibility of just washing my hair and letting it dry.  Or, washing my hair and drying it with no product.  So, I wore my 5 year old's hat.  ALL.DAY.LONG.

Dan isn't even surprised anymore.  We get to where we are going and I always have to go to a store to buy what I forgot.  One would think I would start using a list to pack.  Nope.

2.  Read the end of a book- When I'm in the middle of a book and I wonder if the person will die or the couple will get together, I just flip over to the last few pages and read to see how it all ends up.  I KNOW!!!!  How terrible is that?  Dan is appalled by it.  I just have to know.  If the last few pages don't tell me, I read the entire last chapter.  Sometimes if I don't like the ending, I just quit reading the book altogether.  If I do like how it ends, I go back and read the rest of it.

3.  Watch the end of a movie- I do the exact same thing with movies.  I google the movie and read a synopsis or spoilers while I'm watching.  It causes me less stress because I don't have to wonder if everything ends up okay.  Imagine watching The Sixth Sense (all those years ago) knowing exactly what is coming.  It does change the entire feel of the movie.  Dan now just obliges me when I say "how does this end?" on something we are watching that he has seen already.

4.  Recollection of gift givers- I can pick up almost any thing in my house and if it was a gift, I can tell you who gave it to us.  This goes all the way back to wedding gifts we got in 1999.  I love this odd quirk because it brings people to mind that I wouldn't normally think about on a daily basis.  I think it also keeps me grateful.

5.  Coupons-  If we go to eat at a place and I remember that I have a coupon or gift card at home for that place, I can't stay to eat.  EVEN IF WE ARE SEATED!  It's not that I'm cheap, I just can't bear to spend money on what I know would be cheaper with my coupon or gift card.  This is true even if I know I will eat at the place again soon.  Dan despises this about me.

6.  Dates- I've always been crazy good at remembering dates.  I'm not just talking about dates of important things like birthdays or dates of death.  I'm talking "oh, this is the day we ate at McAllister's Deli after running into the Brabhams in Old Towne Clinton!"  WHAT??!?!  How is that significant and why does it matter?  

7.  Scary Movies-  I can't watch a scary move or TV show.  If I walk through the living room and one is on, Dan immediately pauses it.  He knows that if I see it, I will immediately envision/dream up/believe it will happen to us.  I watched Criminal Minds a couple of years ago and literally carried a knife into my closet to get shoes when I was home alone.  It petrifies me.

8.  Raw Meat & Dirty Dishes-  Both of these things gross me out beyond measure.  Taking any type of raw meat from it's packaging gives me the heebie-jeebies.  And, when dishes have sat in the sink for a bit, sticking my hand in the water where they have been or touching the old food literally makes me nauseous.  The good news of that is it means I almost always clean the kitchen as soon as a meal ends.  

Ok, that's all for now.  I typed a few others but I should probably save those for people who won't judge me.  :-)  What about you?  What's your weirdness?


Amber said...

I am with you on the dishes!!! And raw meat!!! YUCK!!!

Audra Laney said...

I am 100% with you on coupons. We actually had this issue tonight when I couldn't find my coupon for free cheese sticks at Pizza Hut. So, naturally, we ate elsewhere! (And spent more than we would have at Pizza Hut, but that's beside the point!)

Random quirk of mine: I read magazines from the back to the front without ever thinking about it.

Jimmy said...

9. WORK HABITS. If you know Nicki the way I do you will have to agree that she is one of the most dedicated employees anyone could ever ask for. Always on time (hehe), very cheerful(except when she is pregnant) and dedicated to seeing that everything she touches or does is done to the utmost perfection (WHEN she is at work). Never misses a lunch break and had payroll done every Friday(if she wasn't on a cruise). Extremely good at controlling expenditures and holding down cost in every department. She helped the laundry so well that she ordered enough paper clips one time to last them for years. We haven't been there in over 6 or 7 years and they still don't need any (bless her heart, in her defense she said it was just a minor over site). All in all if you need someone that will help you take your business to the next level, someone that takes pride and is dedicated to the cause I would suggest calling a temp agency until you've had time to check her calendar for vacation days, sick days, and just days when she doesn't want to work.


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