Friday, November 13, 2015

FBCV Celebration Trip- Day 6 (Headed Home)

If there is anything I'm good at, it is timely blogging. Except, just the opposite of that. Here we are 5 months after our Vidalia trip and I'm finishing it up today. That is what happens when you take so many pictures on a trip.

We woke up early on that Tuesday morning and got ready to go.  While we loaded the car, Eli taught Micah to clean up the breakfast crumbs.  
We said goodbye to our friends with a few tears and lots of sadness.  

We stopped at the Riverfront for a few photos before saying goodbye to the Miss-Lou.  These bridges hold a lot of memories for me.  

We drove on to New Orleans and got there just in time for some yumminess before flying back to Orlando.  

Micah wanted to take our picture.  As you can see, he either hates me or has to work on his photog skills.  

The boys enjoyed the flight by using their electronics.  It certainly makes a trip go by fast.  

And, after a full day of travel, this boy was OUT.  But, we were happy to be back in Central Florida and grateful for a wonderful trip full of friendship and celebration.  

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Micah's 5th Birthday (Part 2)

 I could have tried my very best and never delivered the kind of birthday excitement we got on the night of Micah's 5th birthday.  Let me fill you in on how this all happened then I'll show you the pictures.  We have a friend from Vidalia who did the college program at Disneyland in CA.  He loved it so much that he graduated from LA Tech then applied to do another semester at Disneyworld.  I knew he worked at Chef Mickey's so I thought I'd try to get reservations for Micah's actual birthday.  Like most character meals, it was booked solid.

I messaged Aaron to see if cancellations were regular or should I give up hope.  He messaged me back to say that there probably wouldn't be an opening but if we would be willing to do dinner over breakfast, he was sure he could get us in.  Dinner actually worked better for us because we were able to let the boys go to school and Dan to work.  His only stipulation was that we must be waiting at the reservation desk when it opened at 4:30.  He kept reiterating that so we were dead set on being there way ahead of time.  There was  no way we would get Micah's hopes up then not deliver on eating there.

 So, we got there way early!  (Like an hour early!!!!)  I grabbed the first spot in line then just stood there to wait while everyone else explored the resort.  Closer to time, they all came back to join me.  The hostess arrived and took our information.  Aaron wasn't working that night because he had rehearsal for the Candlelight Processional.  After she got all the information she needed, we were told we did have a spot and she sent us on to have pictures made with Pluto.

We waited for what seemed like forever.  Micah had already decided he wanted to just leave because the waiting was no fun.  At this point, I knew we were going to have a spot (keep in mind, reservations here book 180 days in advance!!!) but I didn't know how long we would have to wait because they were working us in.  So, we passed the time with a lot of photos.  

The restaurant officially opened at 5:00 so everyone else around us was doing the same thing we were.  A little before 5, our buzzer went off.  We walked over to the entrance but discovered no one else was being buzzed.  I assumed they were about to tell us they were too full for us.  Instead, they ushered us around the side and took our boys to the rope.  We were so confused.  Then, a photo pass photographer came out and and another lady came to me and said "You might want to have your camera ready!"  We were still confused.  

Little did we know, our friend Aaron had arranged for Micah to open the entire restaurant for the night.  The music started then over the speaker the announcement was made "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN...all the way from DeLand, Florida, Micah is here to help Mickey open his restaurant.  So, count down with us and help us celebrate Micah's 5th birthday.  10, 9, 8, 7, 6...

5, 4, 3, 2,1

Then, Mickey Mouse appeared and took Micah by the hand.  (I'm a little teary writing this even now! It was that magical!!!)  He and Micah waved the crowds and then marched through the restaurant with all the servers and employees cheering, clapping and chanting his name.  

I'm not even kidding. It was the greatest moment of his life and honestly, in the top 5 of mine.  It was so very special and such a surprise to all of us.  I could not believe Aaron had pulled this off.  Not only that, we got to our table and there were gifts to Micah from Mickey.  They still had not allowed anyone else into the restaurant so the music was still playing and everyone was high fiving him.  No words to describe it. 

We immediately began fixing our plates while the other guests began to trickle in.  They had all seen what just happened so they all wished him happy birthday as well.  

As we ate, other members of the Fab Five made their way to our table to wish our boy a happy birthday and to pose for photos with us.  

It just so happened that Dan's mom was in town for Micah's birthday so she got to be part of the amazing fun.  She said it was more fun watching me be so surprised and confused as to what was going on than watching Micah.  I'm rarely surprised so I was just blown away.  

As you might imagine, the desserts were Micah's MOST favorite part of the entire meal.  

Seriously, check out his plate.  Dude had his fill of all the desserts he cared to eat.  You only turn 5 once, right??

Since we were already there, we had to take in a few hours at the Magic Kingdom.  Micah (who is normally so shy around people) would look at random people and say "did you realize it was my birthday?"  We laughed every time the first few times but then it became normal over the night.  

And, here he is...our friend who made the magic happen.  He came over to meet us at Magic Kingdom after he finished rehearsals.  We watched this kid grow up.  His mom was there when Jonah was born.  We saw him set goals for himself and then attain them.  We were always so proud of him.  But, now we will FOREVER be grateful to Aaron for the amazing night he gave Micah.  Nothing will ever top that surprise.  

We finished the evening (they had school the next day!!!) with a little face time with Mickey.  (He sang Happy Birthday to Micah!)  It truly was an amazing day!  I could not have planned or orchestrated this if I tried.  I think that is what made it so special.   


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