Saturday, November 7, 2015

Halloween 2015

Our neighbors are super fun people.  Like, the kind of people that you hope never move away.  And, the kid of people that do really fun things and invite your family to participate!  On Halloween, they had a little gathering that started with a pumpkin carving contest.  

Some people came in their costumes but since we live right next door, we were able to walk home and change before heading out to Trick or Treat.  

Dan's mom was here so she got to participate in al the fun Halloween activities with us.  We have seen her a ton since she retired back in June.  That has been fun for all of us.  

The Dyer' are in serious discussion about their various pumpkin strategies.  

This is a view into their backyard from ours.  It was full of activity and so much fun.  

You can see the kind of weather we had on Halloween.  My kids were in "muskull" shirts and shorts.  It was so hot.  

Jonah opted to freehand his pumpkin rather than use a stencil.  I was proud of him for doing his own thing and sticking with it.  Carving a pumpkin always seems more fun than actually doing the carving.  
Kelly had quite a spread inside for all of us complete with treat bags for the kids, yummy food and some spooky punch with a hand floating in it.  

We ran home to get dressed for our trek around the neighborhood.  Our family did a Star Wars theme this year all the way down to Max dressed as R2-D2.  

Max was too embarrassed to even look at the camera.  He pretty much hated every minute he was in costume.  

It's hard to tell in this picture but Dan had a Millineum Falcon shirt on and I was wearing Darth Vader.  

Dan's mom even got in on the phone and bought a Star Wars shirt for her to wear with all of us.  

New light sabers necessitate battles between Luke and Anakin.  

Here is our neighborhood party crew.  Aren't they so cute?

Here is Max....still embarrassed.  

Kelly had all the pumpkins moved to the front yard so Trick or Treaters could vote.  She even had prizes for the best pumpkin.  

We walked over to see two sets of our neighbors before we officially began.  We're super fond of these two couples.  They all live away from their grandchildren so they are so sweet to dote on our boys.  

The boys are always happy to see Jonah's 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Newman while we are out for Halloween.  

And, we always like to see Ms. Dottie handing out candy at Mike and Jenny's house.  

We usually go around our entire neighborhood and that takes about 3 hours.  This year, the boys just wanted to get home to play with their friends.  So, we got back and they shed as much of their costumes as they wanted and they set off to play with all the neighbor kiddos.  
Kelly's dad kept the tally for the pumpkin votes while we were all gone.  
Chad and Dan both won a gift card for their pumpkins in the adult division.  There was a good bit o voter intimidation and too much campaigning close to the polls but none of that seemed to matter in the end.  
Jaxon and Lia took home the prizes in the kids division.  
It was such  fun night with our neighbors and friends.  Our boys had so much fun and are still talking about this night a week later.  I'd call that a win!


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