Saturday, October 24, 2015

Uncle Marty...

We have been here 6 years. It doesn't seem that long. But, 6 whole years and almost 2 months have passed since we followed a big orange truck out of Vidalia, Louisiana. The hardest part of being away are when significant life events happen. When babies of friends are born, I want to be there. When illnesses happen, I want to be there. But, when someone we love dies, I really want to be there. I know there is nothing I can do and I'm not so naive to believe that my being there makes anyone better. But, it would make me better to see my people and hug my people.  When you do life with a body of believers for 7+ years, some of those people become your family.  Some of those people visit you in the hospital when your baby is born.  They offer to babysit.  They love your child.  They make delicious food for you.  They weep with you and celebrate with you.  They make homemade treats for Santa because they know how crazy your Christmas Eve is in ministry.  They even mail them to Florida when you move away.  They take your little boy to see orange tractors when he thinks green are the only kind.  They give your little boys sweet gifts years after you have moved away.  They love big.  This particular "they" are Marty and Debra.  Our dear friend Marty met Jesus today.  We are so sad.  When I told Jonah, he said "was he my real uncle or the pretend kind?"  It was another chance to remind Jonah how fortunate he is to be loved by so many people in his short life.  And, Marty...well, he loved some kind of big!  This world lost a great man.  His faith is finally sight!  And, I'm just imagining that big voice singing praises to our God in Heaven tonight.   I bet he finally remembered all the words!  


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