Friday, May 1, 2015

Splash Pad Fun

The Evolution of just "looking a little bit" at the water to being soaking wet. (With no extra clothes in the car!)

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

An Accidental YouTube Sensation

9 months after we moved to Florida, Jonah turned 4 years old.  This was his first birthday away from his grandparents.  This was his first time to receive gifts in the mail.  I wanted the grandparents to not miss out on special moments so as he got gifts, I would video them and send them to the family.  This was back before you could send a video over text that was longer than 30 seconds.

On this particular day, Jonah received a package in the mail from Gigi.  We knew what it was because she bought it from his wishlist.  Because I knew how much he would love it, I had the camera ready to roll so she could see his reaction.  Since I couldn't text it to her, I had to upload it to YouTube.  The video was cute but nothing all that special. It was solely meant to share him opening his gift with his grandmother.  

Well, fast forward a few years and you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that crazy video had around 1 million hits.  For reference, our other YouTube videos have less than 1000 but many times less than 100 views.  So, 1 million raised some suspicion.  But, since the title was "Superman Costumes", I figured it just had to do with people searching for Superman videos and accidentally landing there.

Again, fast forward another year or so and imagine my surprise when I get a message on Facebook from a company who tracked me down and asked to buy the rights to advertise on my YouTube video.  I ignored that message but he sent more over the next few days.  Then, he sent a really nice offer while I was in Barnes and Noble in Jackson, MS having coffee with Dr. Ramsey.  I ignored the message and went on with my visit.  Over the next day, other companies started reaching out to me.  I was tied up with the boys and visits with friends and family so I ignored it all.  I finally remembered to mention it to Dan so he could investigate it.

Keep in mind, the video is nothing special.  It is just a video of a 4 year old boy opening his birthday present from his grandmother.  As Dan talked to these people, they were offering significant amounts of cash for us to give them rights.  (Which, we never did, by the way!)  We would say no and they would increase the offer.  Oh, and I have I mentioned the video had 3.9 MILLION hits at this point?!?!?!?!?!

So, allow me to introduce you to our insanely popular but not really all that interesting YouTube hit?  It now has over 5 MILLION VIEWS.  Let me go ahead and say the things you will say.

1.  Your house was a wreck!  (Yes, it was!  This was the morning after his birthday party and he had wrapping paper every where!)

2.  You sound country!  (Yes, I do!  I had lived in the deep south all my life!)

3.  Jonah has grown up!  (Yes, he was just 4 years old.  That was 4.5 years ago!)

4.  This isn't all that funny!  (No, it's really not!?)

5.  I don't get it!  (We don't either!)

P.S.  We are up to 5,097,518 views!!!!  BIZARRE!


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