Saturday, January 17, 2015

First Game of Upward Basketball 2015 Season

Today was a super exciting day at our house!  Jonah has been counting down the days until the 2015 season of Upward Basketball started.  Today was the day.  
Little Brother loves Upward practice because he can roam the bleachers and "do all the shows!"  (That means quoting the Finding Nemo show from Animal Kingdom or quoting Beauty and the Beast from Hollywood Studios!)  I told him he had to stick with me on the bleachers and was worried he would get bored.  But, he did great.  The second round of games were not as busy so he got to spread out a little bit.  

If you know Jonah at all, then you will know what a big deal it is to see his hands raised in the next photo.  When they called his name and number, dude hopped up and waved to the crowd and threw his hands in the air.  Dan & I looked at each other like someone had replaced our kid with another.  He SERIOUSLY loves Upward Basketball!

He got the Defense Award today.  He was so happy with himself.  
While they were giving out awards, Micah and Colton spent a little time scanning the bookshelves for a good Saturday afternoon read.  

While we watched the next game, Jonah spent time working on his upper body strength.  He did this over and over and over.  

Dan moved from coach to referee this season.  When he was coach, he missed half the games because of warm-ups and awards with his team.  This position frees him up to be in the gym for the whole day.  It lets him make connections with people and be present for all the events of the day.  

Just because I love a comparison photo, I'll leave you with this little collage from the first day of Upward in Kindergarten and now in Third grade.  

Friday, January 16, 2015

September iPhone Dump

On January 1st, I updated my phone and transferred all my photos to my computer.  I realized that I hadn't done an iPhone update in a while.  So, here we are!
While Jonah is at school, I have lots of free time with Micah.  Sometimes he watches TV in very uncomfortable positions.  Sometimes he rides his bike.  
While he is home having fun, his big brother was busy getting Rock Star of the Week in his class!

When he is busy not being being a rock star at school, he reads a lot of books.  A LOT OF BOOKS!
These pictures were all taken back in September.  This was the night before Dan left on a trip to the Amish country with our Senior Adults.  Our boys were super sad to say goodbye to him.  

When he was gone, we took every opportunity we could to send him photos, texts and to Face Time him.  

Our sweet friends, Hazel and Louise fixed us a fabulous lunch on Sunday since Dan was out of town. This is the part of Dan being out of town that would make me not mind him being out of town more often.  SO GOOD!

Jonah memorized some scripture that he wanted to make sure his dad knew about.  
And, any night is made better with a glow stick bath.  It is their most favorite way to bathe!


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