Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I don't think there is more I love than sitting quietly in a room with the Christmas lights and decorations.  I've already got dinner in the crock pot, a couple of rooms cleaned and my quiet time done.  I still have several things to do but I don't want to leave this view.  Tuesday is my only morning of the week to not have specific plans.  For a while, I went to Zumba toning but that left me with no days to get things done around the house without little people here.  So, I try to get some things done and then get a couple of miles in around the neighborhood before getting Micah at 11:00.  

We had a slew of college students here on Thursday night and I had a rather interesting discussion with one of them about the book of Ephesians.  It's a book I've studied before and actually learned to love because of Dr. Vaughan.  My conversation with Joe inspired me to pick it up again today.  I took the picture to text to him.  He's back in Ohio for the holidays and then will leave to study abroad at Oxford in the Spring.  What an encouragement to see this kid know the scripture in and out and have such a hunger and thirst to understand and memorize God's word.  He's going to be one of those people who make a huge difference in this world.  It's a great honor to be part of his college church and to sit back and watch what God does in him and through him.  

Speaking of Thursday night, I remember when I was in college, we all had majors like Communications, Elementary Ed, Psychology and Biology.  These FCA kids that were here had majors like International Business with a double minor in Mandarin Chinese and Russian.  As you can imagine, we had a lot to talk about.  Ahem.  We've gotten to know and love these students so much and I'm so sad that our time with them is nearing.  I told Dan that is the reason I don't love college ministry.  You get these people for a short time during their university years then they go on to do life.  You know your time is limited but you can't help loving them.  It's the pro and con of living in a college town.  

I went to the gym last night and found myself sobbing on the treadmill.  I came home to tell Dan about it and teared up again.  I've become a huge fan of podcasts lately.  So much so, that I feel like my world has been semi-rocked.  My theology, my motives, my methods, my friendships and idea of right/wrong has all be challenged and is causing a redo of the way I do life, parent, love and follow Jesus. Anyway, this podcast is with a lady who is dying of cancer.  She has a 5 year old little boy.  She is a follower of Jesus.  She speaks painful truth.  If you want to listen, click here.  (Get tissues first!)  Oh, even if you don't love podcasts but you want to love your friends and those around you who are hurting, this is a must listen!
I'm trying to be more specific about getting to the gym at night.  I've learned that if I change into work out clothes ahead of time, it makes it easier to just go.  The last couple of weeks have been hard to maintain consistency in eating, exercising and drinking water.  Right before that happened, I was able to buy new sizes in clothes so that was a huge motivation to pick back up.  The holidays are certainly a struggle but we've had enough good results that we know the struggle is worth it.  

The boys had well visits yesterday.  They are both super healthy.  No referrals were made this year.  No issues were mentioned.  They are growing as they should.  I'm so grateful.  Just last week, I stood at Jonah's school and painted snowmen outside with another mom who told me about her normal June day when her kid didn't feel well and by the end of the day, he was diagnosed with Leukemia.  They started out at the library and ended the day in the ICU at Arnold Palmer.  It just doesn't make sense.  And, I know I'm not immune.  That could be our day tomorrow.  But, it wasn't our day today and I remembered to thank God for that.  

Christmas is close.  My children have almost nothing.  It's not because I'm a procrastinator, it is only because there is nothing they really want.  They both struggled to give me three things they want.  The only gifts under our tree were for teachers and a few things from grandparents.  They started delivering school gifts yesterday so it is really bare under there today.  It's been such a dilemma because we want to give to them but what is the purpose of buying a lot of stuff they don't really want or need just to give them things to open?  We are not big on massive amounts of toys around here.  We keep what they play with. We get rid of what they don't play with. 

Last year, Jonah got a ton of K'nex sets.  He loved them.  He put them together.  He played with them.  Then, around June, he decided he was done with them.  He took them all apart and we put them back in boxes with the instructions.  I asked a few times if he wanted to put them together again.  He said no.  The thrill was gone.  So, we gave them all away.  The one standard we have had for years is Imaginext toys.  Micah is still playing with the ones Jonah got as a 3 year old.  And, they will play together with those for hours on end.  So, there won't be a ton of gifts to open on Christmas day.  But, the few things they are getting are things they really want.  And, they will fill the entire day with activity.  Those are the best gifts of all anyway.

Speaking of Christmas, our Christmas guest list is growing each day.  We always have people over who don't have any other family in town.  It gives us the opportunity to be with people on that day and gives them a chance to be with a family.  It's a win/win.  I've been working on the menu this week and as I look at it, it looks more and more like my grandmother's house on Christmas.  She's an amazing cook so some of my favorite recipes are passed down from her.  It's fun to share those with our friends.  

Our elf Phibby has been busy moving place to place each night.  We're really proud of him because he has remembered to move every night.  Jonah reads the blog now so I can't give away all of Phibby's secrets but there was one potential problem last week but the crisis was averted at the very last minute.  Jonah wonders why our elf doesn't do naughty things like some elves of his friends.  We apparently got an elf who does exactly what his name implies, he sits on a shelf.   Each family seems to get the elf that is perfect for their family.  That's the magic of Christmas.  

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