Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Eve, 2015

Christmas Eve did not start well for us.  I woke up around 6:00 to the sound of Micah throwing up.  I ran to the bathroom to find him dry heaving.  I looked at Dan and said "Well, looks like we are all about to take a turn with the stomach virus!"  We got him settled and started trying to make a plan for next couple of days.  Oh, I should probably mention that our alarm was set for 6:15 a.m. because we were doing a family 5K.  Our clothes were laid out.  Our race bibs were ready.  But, sadly, it did not happen.  Dan was going to run it and I was going to walk/run it with the kids.  Since it was a family adventure to begin with, we decided to just not go since all of us couldn't go.  (Goodbye, $78 registration fees...glad you went to charity!)

I was in a dilemma because we had Christmas Eve services at church and people scheduled to have Christmas lunch with us at our house.  I didn't want to miss either but a sick kid always trumps plans. As the day progressed, Micah perked up little by little.  We determined that he didn't have a stomach virus because he was able to keep food and drink down with no issue.  Since I didn't want to miss the Christmas Eve services, we decided to send Dan on and I'd go later with both kids.  That way they didn't have to sit around the church for an hour waiting for things to start.  

I snapped a couple of photos of them in case things took a turn for the worst before we could do the tree pictures in the foyer.  Micah wasn't completely himself but he wasn't the sick kid we saw earlier in the day.  He enjoyed the service and sang his little heart out on the songs he knew.  

We took a few pictures in front of the tree while waiting for the second service to begin.  He played and had fun as if nothing was wrong.  I was so glad I made the decision to go on rather than staying home.  

We made it through the second service and took a few more photos before heading to IHOP for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner.  (Well, unless you are Holder then we just went to some boring place that definitely was NOT IHOP!)

Ms. Louise always has Christmas Eve dinner with us.  Micah was more than happy to sit beside her.  

As you can see, he was feeling happy and his normal spunky self.  He ate this entire pancake.  (with excessive amounts of whipped cream that was supposed to resemble the photo of a smiley face but did not even come close!)

We got home and took our time getting ready for our Christmas Eve traditions.  The kids put on their pajamas and we took a few photos in front of the tree.  
Dan had to have a little talk with Max about participating because he was a tad bit hyped up.  (or maybe just mortified to be wearing his plaid Christmas pajamas!!)

We put the camera on the tripod and used the timer to take a few family shots. that works with all of us smiling and looking at the camera!

We let the kids open one gift that night.  They chose their boxes from Granny and Granddaddy.  We face-timed with them so they could see them open it.  

They were thrilled to find FUN SPOT season passes.  They LOVE Fun Spot and I love gifts that are experiences.  They will get a ton of use out of these this year.  After a quick phone call with them, we headed to the kitchen to put out our milk and cookies for Santa.  It was sad for us to think of all the Santa cookies Marty gave us over the years.  He was a big part of our Christmas Eve nights for 9 years.  He was such a good man!

We moved from there to the living room so Dan could read the boys his new Christmas book.  

We got our Christmas morning reading and final Advent ornaments ready for the next day then we got the boys in bed.  
Santa left both boys some three fun gifts and stocking full of surprises.  

I checked on my sweet boys as they slept.  There isn't much sweeter to me than sleeping kids.  I'm glad they were resting well because the next day was a BIG ONE!!!

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