Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Cookies!

We left Wednesday morning to head to Margie's house to make Christmas cookies and found this sign  in the yard.  Ahhh...nothing like making me laugh so early in the day.  I remember when I thought 41 was really old.  

We were excited to spend the day with Margie, Colton and Hannah.  It didn't take long for these boys to be hyped up on sugar.  

Thank you, self-timer!  We were able to get a group shot.  I'm thinking I should have cropped it before posting!

Every year we do Christmas presents with Colton.  One would assume it would be around Christmas but it is usually around May.  How is it that we are so busy that we can't get together to exchange Christmas gifts?!?!?!  But, that is life.  And, the mark of good friendship is that you don't feel obligated to make it work on a certain date.  We get that life happens and know the other is always there if needed.  It was fun to actually see Colton open his gifts this year. 

Jonah scoffed at the "Naughty" paper but grinned at the "Nice" paper!  HA!

We are big fans of SUSPEND in our house so we were glad to give it to Colton.  This is the Junior version and it was perfect for the little guys.  
Thanks, Margie...we had a GREAT TIME!

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