Tuesday, November 3, 2015

2015 Pumpkin Patch

I've loved the pumpkin patch as long as I can remember.  I loved it long before I had kids because there was something so fun about all of those orange pumpkins of various sizes.  Once I had Jonah, there was nary a pumpkin patch in sight.  He was a few months old that year so it didn't stress me much that we could not go.  But, the very next year, his preschool in Natchez opened a patch.  We went and took more pictures than one could really imagine possible.  I even took a change of clothes because I couldn't decide between the overall look or the dressy Strasburg look.  I even sent Fall cards.  (That is the kind of thing you do when you have one kid, an easy job and a lot of time on your hands!)

We've continued our pumpkin patch tradition each year since then.  And, the pictures that come are always some of my favorite.  

Dan was visiting someone when we went so he had to meet us there.  As you can see, the boys were very happy to see their daddy walk up.  

Dan's mom has been here visiting so she got to go with us.  She retired back in June and we've gotten to see her more since then than in our six years of living here combined.  That's been fun.  

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