Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day 5

Our boys had so much fun playing with Eli on this trip.  It's so funny to me that the things they enjoy most are the simple things.  People often say things to me like "well, our kids learned to play with toys because they don't have Disney World" or "Your kids are used to mega entertainment."  I get it...we do benefit from living in the tourism capital of the world.  But, my kids love board games and running in the yard and chasing friends and building forts.  It just so happens we can easily get to Disney.  If we couldn't, we would take advantage of the things near us at the time.  But, they always love lazy days like this.  

And, it's not every day that you look in your friend's pool bag and discover fresh squash.  The benefit to that was that she walked right inside and fried squash as an afternoon snack.  

The kids came inside from swimming just in time to catch the ice cream truck.  

Eli had a fun summer list posted on his fridge and our boys loved seeing their names as part of that.  Personally, I was sad to mark it off because that meant it was over.  :-(

Our last night there was spent with all three boys piled up in Eli's bed for books with Manna.  It took me back to some of the first moments Jonah had with Manna.  She loved him from the very moment she met him and took many opportunities to rock him and read to him and love on him.  And, here we were here almost nine years later and two more boys are added to her lap.  

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