Saturday, September 12, 2015

From Jonah

A little while ago, Jonah said "how could I write something on the blog?"  So, I signed in for him and he did the rest!

I get to stay up late tonight and watch the game ms. State v.s l.s.u.and it is taking foreeeever to start. But I am gonna have so much fun! Tomorrow is a church day so I have to get up early as we say pop up which means get up as soon as daddy comes in the room or else we are in trouble because it was a special treat to stay up late . This is my first time blogging in my life!!!! I am having so much fun I will do it again.  There is something called awana at my church. It will start tomorrow at 4:30  dad is the game leader and I even had to teach him how to play a game!! I am gonna have so much fun tomorrow!!!


jenny winstead said...

Jonah, I loved reading your blog post! You are an amazing writer! Have a great day at church tomorrow!! Love, your friend, Jenny Winstead

Amanda said...

Jonah, we do AWANA at our church and Eli loves it, especially the games. I'm so glad you wrote your own blog post. I could "hear" your voice as I was reading the words. You did a great job, and I think you should definitely write again! Hope to hear from you again soon! Love you! Manna :)


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