Sunday, September 20, 2015

FBCV Celebration Trip- Day 4

We were super excited to wake up on Sunday morning so we could celebrate with FBC, Vidalia.  They have done an amazing job paying off the debt they had while still ministering and meeting their regular budget.  It was a joy for us to the see the completion of a vision God gave Dan many years ago.  
I always find it interesting to see Dan in the tech booth.  Not many pastors can step in and fix a tech issue but he has done it since day one.  He doesn't mind rolling up his sleeves to get a job done.  So, when I walked into the sanctuary to find him solving an issue, I wasn't the least bit shocked.  
They boys were happy to visit with Tim (MeMaw) while we waited for the service to start.  
Then they were super surprised to see Beppa.  She drove 3.5 hours that morning to be there and we were so happy to see her and sit with her.  
It was a good service but actually felt a little odd being there.  I guess we have been here long enough that this place is our normal.  This place is our home.  It was a nice visit there but it isn't where we belong anymore.  It was fun to see Dan preach there again and to stand at the pulpit on the very words he wrote before the carpet was laid.  
The best part of being there was seeing so many special friends.  Chandler is the daughter of our favorite Pediatrician, Docka Russ.  She learned to babysit by playing with our Jonah.  Now she is all grown up and away at college.  
Natalie is a year older than Jonah but they were sweet friends.  Although, neither of them remembered being friends but they still obliged their mom and MiMi with a photo.  
Jonah and Baylee never lived close to each other because she is from Nashville but her grandparents live in Vidalia and her momma is a friend of mine.  When Jonah and Baylee were babies, her momma  and I chatted online every day for hours at a time because we both had jobs that allowed us to work and keep AIM open on our computers.  
Then comes the Hargon family.  Diane was feeling much better so I was so happy to hug her and see her at church.  And, I was happy to get a picture of Jonah with her girls.  

We took a few more pictures before heading over to they gym for lunch.  

We were all happy to see GiGi.  She drove in for the morning to hear Dan preach and see these little boys.  

One of the great surprises of the day was seeing Beau Colle.  We didn't know he was the DOM in that area.  He served as an Interim Worship leader for us and happened to be there when Jonah was born.  He's been a great friend to our family.  

Ms. Monelle was a little bit of a star that day.  She was definitely pleased to see the loan paid off and relished the attention paid to her on that day.  

Oh, Vera Verdel...she always makes us laugh.  Actually, she makes everyone laugh.  She is hilarious.  And, so kind.  And, even though it looks like it, we didn't plan to coordinate.  

We left the church and headed to Josh and Amanda's to change clothes then down to Tim and B's for a little while.  As you can see, Micah made himself at home on the back porch while we visited.  

Jonah found his spot upstairs and spent some downtime watching TV.  And, as you can see, Tim and Dan resumed their position from 6 years ago.  
Jonah is always happy to be in a photo with B and Taylor.  

Peppa came over later that afternoon and we all loaded up for a trip to the lake to eat at The Duck's Nest.  It is one of our favorite local spots.  

The kids rode with Tim and Belinda and we followed behind in Beppa's car.  You'll see that they had a large time on those back country roads.  

We got home in time to play a little basketball with Eli.  Then we tricked Micah into going to sleep while the big boys made a fort to spend the night.  Or, as Jonah called it, the most fun part of the trip!

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