Saturday, August 29, 2015

To those who have gone before...

I'm up early on this Saturday morning thinking about wisdom and encouragement.  I'm thinking about those people God places in your life to help you when you don't really even know that you need help. I'm thinking about those mamas who told me about how to get a baby to learn to sleep long before my baby was breathing the same air as me.  I'm thinking about the seasoned wife who taught me about grace towards my husband before I even knew the man I would marry.  I'm thinking about the elementary school parent who explained Reading Counts to me before my kid could even read. Those are the people I'm zoned in on this morning.  Mainly because I'm just all kinds of grateful for them.  

I feel like there has been a massive amount of people to heap gobs of grace, advice, love and influence into my life.  I can point back to my early days as a teenager and then as recent as a few weeks ago when a dear lady from my church sat across from me at DeLand Fish House and helped me learn a tangible way to remember to be grateful and to combat feeling of negativity.  

I think that is the beautiful thing about this life.  We have the opportunity to learn from others and then be the person that teaches another.  We have the opportunity to speak life and to encourage.  There was a specific instance this past week where some people spoke solid words of truth and encouragement into Dan's life.  I sat and watched as those words penetrated his heart.  I saw the change it made.  I saw the difference in his demeanor.  

We all need encouragement.  We all need someone who has gone before us to show us the ropes.  We all need someone to remind us that what we believe matters.  We all need those people.  But, we all need to be those people also.  We need to be the ones to share what we know to help out another family.  We need to be the momma who explains how big school works to another momma because the paperwork just doesn't give all the information.  We need to text a momma who is struggling with something we've made it through.  

Encouragement is free.  It only takes a little time.  But, you can't measure it's effectiveness.  

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