Sunday, August 16, 2015

One week...that's it!

This time last week, we were settled into our beach house in Destin and soaking up the time with our family.  This time next week, lunch boxes will be filled and back packs will be ready.  That means all we have is this week.  That means I have only a few days left to pack in the fun things we didn't get to do this summer.  I'm feeling the pressure...

This summer has been the summer of travel.  We started with the week in Louisiana then spent a week in the Mountains and then ended the summer with a week at the beach.  Honestly, that was a bit much for me.  I actually prefer to be home more.  We were gone so much that we didn't get to do play dates.  I think the kids had friends over just one time all summer.  We didn't get to do the summer movies except two times.  We didn't get to do the little things that make summer so great.  So, we've already decided that next year will find us at home more than out of town.

As much as I dread school starting back, I'm actually excited for my boys.  They both have amazing teachers.  They will both be in classes with friends they love.  They have the opportunity for huge growth, both developmentally and educationally.  I could not be more thrilled with their schools and the people in leadership over them.  I'm hopeful for a great year for them.  

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