Friday, August 21, 2015

Meet The Teacher 2015 (4th Grade and VPK)

That was Jonah just minutes before leaving to meet his teacher.  He was sprawled out in the chair reading like crazy.  He certainly has not done that over the summer but finding a good book he loves last week has drawn him right back in.  
 We got to school and went to get in line to "find out" who his teacher is.  I've known for a while now but I didn't tell him.  We usually get there towards the end in order to avoid the lines and the parking nightmares.  But, Jonah was so excited to see his friends this year that we had to get there at the normal time.  We got in a long line and were surprised to see our beloved Mrs. Hoover at the front of our line.  She was Jonah's first grade teacher but moved to an ESE position this year.  So, rather than being in the classroom, she was helping with the movement of students.  
 Our sweet Meagan is a safety patrol this year.  She is a year older than Jonah and has shown him the ropes each year.  He "totally" wanted Mrs. Evans as a teacher "because Meagan says she is so fun and awesome and even stands on the table to teach about writing!"  
 We walked into his classroom and immediately spotted a few old friends.  This little crew of 4th grade kiddos have had a strong bond since Kindergarten (and a few since preschool!!!) They have moved through the ranks together.  It's been fun to watch them grow up.  
 Logan is Jonah's best friend!  He and Jonah have been in every class since Kindergarten together.  They are the best of buddies.  And, the both have little brothers so they "get" what it is like to have a little guy around when trying to play together.  

 We were so blessed to get Mrs. Evans as Jonah's teacher this year.  She wins the award across campus at the most organized, highly Pinterest-ed, coordinating, neat classroom.  It was amazing.  One teacher said "It takes me until October to work up the nerve to walk in there for fear of hating myself!"  

 When this group of boys heard they were all in the same class, the started jumping and hugging and screaming. It was so fun to watch.  

 We couldn't leave campus without visiting all of our prior teachers.  (we had already seen Mrs. Hoover in the MPR!)  As you can see, these two love each other a lot!  

 And, just for kicks, I did a little comparison of Jonah with his Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Myers on his first Meet the Teacher with her and then again today while visiting with her and Riley.  I think she has changed more than him.  We have so much love for this lady and the things she taught Jonah that gave him a solid educational foundation.  She's the best of the best!

Later today, we took Micah to meet his teacher.  He was so excited to go and never once hid behind me or put his head down and finger in his mouth.  I was so proud of him!

 He was so excited to find out he would be in class with Grayson.  I've been telling him he would but he didn't quite believe me until he saw Grayson walk through the door.  They are 2 of 6 kids from Micah's school who will transition to Kindergarten together.  After seeing Jonah do that with his group of buddies and the trajectory they have taken, I'm so thrilled with our decision to leave him here for another year.  
 We knew his teacher from the last few years of being at his school but we've never had her.  We're excited to be in her class this year.  (And, can we take a moment to point out the tan line on Micah's head that revealed itself after his haircut today!?!?)

 Micah's school is a Montessori based educational program with the majority of learning being hands on.  You won't find the traditional toys in his class.  Instead, you find a lot of hands on activities and different things to develop different skill sets.  

 We all love the science porch and garden.  At age 2, he started doing science experiments and working in the garden.  I'm so grateful he has done that for several years.  It has taught him responsibility, how to follow instructions and has allowed him to grow things he can eat!

 We are excited for a fun year of 4 year old Preschool (VPK) and 4th Grade.  We have great teachers and great schools.  I just hope they are ready for us!

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