Sunday, August 9, 2015

2015 Destin Trip- Day 1

 Dan's mom retired from her nursing career this year so the whole family gathered together to celebrate.  After we had taken days off, the trip dates had to be changed.  We decided to go ahead and leave for the trip and spend a few days with just our little family before meeting up with every one else.  So, early last Thursday morning, we put these cuties in the car and headed to the Panhandle of Florida.
 We rented a condo between Rosemary Beach and Seaside for 2 nights.  We made it to our spot and unloaded then headed into Rosemary Beach for the long awaited stop at The Sugar Shak!

 We went into a few shops in Rosemary then stopped to let the kids run off some of their energy.

 My cousin and his family were in town from Mississippi so we met up with them for dinner at the food trucks in SeaSide.

 After a yummy dinner and shaved ice, we walked to the beach for a some pictures of the boys with Mary Peyton.  They turned out so cute even though the boys had blue mouths from their shaved ice.

Suzanne sent me some of the pics she took from camera.  They are all so sweet.  She has an app that turns photos into watercolors and she used it for one of the pictures of the boys.

We walked around SeaSide with them for a while.  Mary Peyton always takes pictures on this duck so our kids did too.  And, by kids, I mean all three of them.

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