Sunday, July 19, 2015

The halfway point of summer

We've reached the dreaded halfway point of summer.  I don't remember enjoying summers as a child as much as I enjoy summers as a mom.  I love not being chained to a schedule and not making lunches every day.  I love sleeping late and not making lunches every day.  I like doing on different adventures with my kids and not making lunches every day.  Can you tell how much I dislike making lunches?  It's odd because my kids still eat lunch every day and guess who makes it?  But, it's something about that chore of having to do it at a certain time and packing it away.  

Both boys have new backpacks and lunch boxes.  I order theirs from L.L. Bean.  I pay more for them than what you find at Target or Walmart but, they last.  And, they replace them if there is a problem.  If you buy a new lunch box and back pack every year, then it is worth it get these once and let them last for several years.  Jonah got his for 3 year old preschool and I just replaced it.  That is 6 years of use.  And, it still looks new.  I only replaced it because he need a bigger size.  I bought a Pottery Barn backpack in the midst of that and it did not hold up.  The lunch box didn't even last a full year.  So, I'm happy to shell out some $$$ for L.L. Bean because of the quality.  

We've had a lot of fun this summer but have only had one playdate.  I helped a couple of moms out last week and had 6 kids here for the day.  My boys love to have friends over so I hope we can do more of that before school ends.  We still have one trip to take in August and we are super excited about that.  We are spending some time in Destin with Dan's family at a beach house.  It will be the perfect end to summer. Although, I must admit, it feels weird to drive 8 hours to spend at the beach when you live 23 miles from the beach.  But, this is more about the family time than the beach time.  We are all excited.  

I'm still working at my Monday job each week but I've also been contacted from two other places wanting me to do some part-time bookkeeping for them.  One is a church and one is an educational facility.  It's nice to be able to make a little money but still be available to my kids.  I would actually enjoy going back to work full-time if there were no summers but I love summers with my kids.  

Jonah turns 9 next Monday.  NINE!  He is so excited to be another year older.  He got his first birthday gifts from his Amazon wishlist this weekend and he has been over the moon excited.  He isn't having an official party this year.  Instead, he is taking 6 of his friends bowling and to dinner.  It's weird to have no party to officially plan.  But, this is what he wanted to do so I'm good with it.  Actually, he wanted to do a limo ride with them but I couldn't find one for less than $300 for 3 hours so that didn't happen.  

I realized the other day that I still have end of the year photos to post so I'll get to that in the next few days.  As my kids have grown up, especially Jonah, I tend to post more about the big events, holidays and special moments than I do the every day.  I'm grateful for the years of life I have on this blog regardless of what it looks like for the future.  

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