Thursday, July 2, 2015

FBCV Celebration Trip- Day 3

The kids woke up on Saturday morning and played electronics for a little bit then moved onto a movie while they waited for it to be time to swim.  We spent most of the day int he pool.  Dan and Josh were playing golf with Tim and Hargon so Amanda and I got lots of time to visit and hang out with the little guys.
We came inside in time to give Micah a nap and for us all to get dressed for a little gathering that Saturday night.  Tim and Belinda invited some of our friends and some of the current staff at FBCV to their house.  We were excited to visit with everyone.  But, in this family, photos come before visiting.  

El's job was to make Micah smile for the photos.  As soon as we were good, he collapsed from exhaustion.  I don't blame him.  Making a 4 year old look happy in photos is a tough job.

We walked down the street to Tim & Belinda's house.  IT WAS HOT!  It wasn't a long walk but we were all sweating by the time we got to their door.  They opened the door and we all hugged and moved into the kitchen where we were greeted with a HUGE surprise.  Our friends, Jason & Jada drove in from Ruston to surprise us. 
We were SO excited!  I can't express how much we loved serving on staff with them.  Some of our favorite ministry days were spent with them and The Nunn family during our early days at First Baptist Vidalia.  It was so fun to have dinner with them and catch up with them before everyone else showed up.  
We were also especially happy to have Taylor there for the weekend.  She grew up right next door to us.  We watched her flip and play basketball for hours each day.  We had many meals with her.  We had lots of long chats with her.  Now, she has graduated from college and is all grown up.  
I adore this lady!  And, I miss her tons!

Oh, that Josh Hargon.  He makes us laugh!  A lot!  His story is one of our favorites in all of our ministry days.  He's one of the ones that reminds us why we do.  And, we genuinely like him too!

Jason, Dan, Bill, Jase and Matt!  Some of the former staff mixed with some of the current staff!
And, with the families!
The kiddos had a great time running through the house and yard.  The filled up on snacks and caffeine while playing "Hide The Can!"  
Poor Diane had the stomach bug and had to wave at us from across the street.  I was so sad no get to see their new house and to visit with her.  
You can almost always find Belinda with a baby.  That's why my kiddos love her.  

Jason and Jada had to get back to Ruston so we said our goodbyes to them.  (Sadly!)

The guys were outside watching some game on TV.  (That can almost always be said!!)
Jonah and Zoo-Zoo!
Baylee was in town from Tennessee and she and Jonah really hit it off.  They are about a year apart and don't know each other well but their momma's do!

I'm always so sad that these two kiddos didn't get to grow up together.  Their momma's had great dreams about that happening.  They have so much fun when they are together.  
And, Zoo-Zoo loves them!
Greg and Cindi left the hospital for the weekend so they were able to come to hang out for a while.  

We had SO much fun with Josh and Amanda that week.  It was so good to sit around and laugh and just hang out.  

The golfing crew from earlier in the day!
We took a picture with an empty spot where Diane should have been.  
Tim and Belinda are so great to always host a gathering at their house when we come to town. 

It was such a fun night with so many people we love.  These people have such a part in making us the people we are today.  We were once again blessed by being with them. 

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