Saturday, June 27, 2015

On Screamer Mountain...

I'm sitting in a dark cabin while my kids and my friend sleep.  We left DeLand at 6 this morning and drove 10 hours to find our lovely cabin on Screamer Mountain in Georgia.  We have a beautiful view and are excited to experience some fun things over the next few days.  Our purpose for this trip was to bring Jonah to camp at Winshape.  It's a huge deal for me that my baby big kid is going to a big kid camp.  Winshape is wildly popular and hard to get into as you get older.  So, we decided to start him this year so he will have a spot for the teen years.

Rather than drive 10 hours to drop him off then turn around to go home, Louise and I decided to come together and turn this into a fun week for Micah all the while being close to Jonah's camp in case anything happens that I would need to get to him.  (Admitted helicopter mom here!)  Ideally, Dan would just take a week of vacation and be with me but he has to be in the office because VBS is next week.

Last year found every staff member out of the office during the week preceding VBS.  No ministerial staff was around to help.  Then, when VBS came, they were all exhausted over whatever had them busy the week before.  So, Dan made the rule that no one could be out the week before VBS.  That rule hit us hard because I so wish he could be here to be part of this.  But, I know where he needs to be.  VBS is an all hands on deck week and it is important for them to all be present to help and ready to be fully engaged to minister next week. 

We drop Jonah at camp tomorrow and then we have lots of fun things planned within a couple of hours from this cabin.  We plan to do several day trips.  We are going to ride a train, see the Indians, see waterfalls, visit some friends who live here, eat some good food and maybe even relax a little.  I know I will be itching for Friday to get here so I can hear every single detail from Jonah.  

It's going to be a big week for him.  I'm asking God to do some big things in his little life and heart!

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