Thursday, June 11, 2015

FBCV Celebration Trip- Day 1

 These boys were up by 4:30 a.m. so we could leave for the airport by 5.  That is way earlier than we ever choose to rise so it was a struggle for all of us.  We dropped our car at the off-site parking place then shuttled over to the airport.  They were so cute with their backpacks walking through the airport.

 After getting through security, we stopped for breakfast where Micah ate every bite of his pancakes and sausage.  Any time he eats like that, we are shocked.
We were at our gate for just minutes when they called our flight for boarding.  The boys got to see a couple of planes take off and land before we got on ours.

Dan got off the plane quickly and went to grab our rental car while I took the boys to get luggage.  It's a great system we have worked out when we all fly together.

We drove straight into the French Quarter so we could go to the aquarium.  Dan and Micah lifted this really heavy chain.  SO STRONG!

While we were waiting to go in, we got a call from Jimmy and Cathy that they were in the parking lot.  The boys were super surprised to see them in New Orleans.

We stopped for lunch at Dan's favorite lunch dive...Cafe Maspero.

We all went back to the aquarium to spend the afternoon.

By the way, a fun little fact about the New Orleans Aquarium...
On the day that Dan asked me to marry him, he arrived in New Orleans early that morning but needed to be sure he didn't accidentally run into me there.  So, he bought a ticket for the aquarium and stayed all day long while he worked out the details of his elaborate plan for that evening.

This is Micah "making Jonah smile" while he was on the frog.

We hopped on the trolley and then made our way to the legendary Cafe Dumonde.
That 4:30 a.m. wake up call was catching up to Micah.

It took only minutes for these boys to be OUT when they hit their seats.

We were all happy to check in to our hotel and settle in for the night.  Well, after an evening swim!

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