Monday, May 11, 2015

Plans change

Friday is our 16th anniversary.  We've had plans to go away.  The sitter was secured and excited about  the time with our kids.  They don't have grandkids yet so they treat our boys like they are theirs.  Then on Saturday, they have plans so Ms. Louise, our resident hero was to get the boys and keep them until we got back Saturday night.  

But, this morning, Doug, a member of our church, breathed his last breath on this earth and woke up with Jesus.  While he was with the family, Dan text me to say "It looks like Doug's service will be Friday!"  I knew that meant our trip wouldn't happen.  I told him it was fine and I would talk to him later.  

When I picked Jonah up from school, I said "I have bad news, Jonah.  Mr. Doug died this morning."  Jonah said "Oh, man.  I wanted him to get better.  I guess he isn't a cancer survivor!"  We talked a little more about Doug and then Jonah said "Is Daddy preaching his funeral?"  I told him he was.  Jonah asked when and I told him it was Friday.  He said "Oh, so on his day off?"  I said "Yep, and on our anniversary trip.  But, this is part of our life.  Right?"  Jonah said "Well, I'm sad you will miss your trip and that daddy doesn't have a day off but I'm really glad Daddy will be there to help his family.  That is what he is best at.  Well, besides being a daddy!"  

I'm glad that Jonah knows that about his daddy at 8 years old.  His daddy is really good at helping people and he is really good at being a daddy.  Sometimes dates don't work out and plans change.  It happens in all jobs.  But, we get the benefit of walking through the hard days of life with people.  And, we really do celebrate our marriage throughout the year.  I consider that a gift!

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Aja said...

It seems like the year of work canceling anniversary trips! But I agree, if a marriage is celebrated year-round it certainly makes it easier to forego those big plans. :) Thankful for the importance Dan (and you!) place on his ministry. :)


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