Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I've decided that I'm officially old because I wish for rain on a regular basis. I remember my parents doing the same thing.  When we first moved here, I would see it was raining at Disney and I would feel terrible for vacationers.  Now I'm like "buy a poncho and run" because my yard is dry!  See...I've turned old.  Florida is about to hit the rainy season where we get these great afternoon shower each day.  I love them.  I love sitting on the back porch and watching the rain.  The kids love it to.  When it is raining, the ask to take toys out there so they play and watch the rain.  All of that to say, it looks like rain in DeLand today and the clouds are making me sleepy.  So, I'm blogging rather than napping in the 30 minute lull before going to get the kiddos from school.

We are finally in the home stretch of 3rd grade and 3 year old Kindergarten.  Two weeks from tomorrow is Jonah's last day.  Micah can go until then also.  But, considering today is his first time in a week to go, chances are great that he will have more days home with mommy than at school.  I told him last night that he had to go back to school today to spend some time with his friends because he wouldn't see them again.  He said "'I'll be okay with that.  Besides, we know exactly where Grayson lives.  We can just stop by his house another time.  I'll stay home with you!"  Dude is ready for the chill life.

Jonah is finishing his last two weeks with parties, award celebrations, movies, and a few last minute tests worked in there.  If he does well in these last days, he will finish third grade still with all A's.  He came very close to his first B ever in the 3rd nine weeks.  He's a smart little guy who would do so much better if he would learn to Capitalize words and use touch strategy.  But, I've harped on that all year long so the results are up to him.

School gets out on Wednesday afternoon and we fly out to New Orleans before 8:00 on the next day.  Dan is preaching that Sunday at our former church, FBC, Vidalia.  We are so excited about being back with those people and getting to worship with them.  We haven't been back on a Sunday since we moved.  It is hard to believe that June will be 13 years since our moving truck arrived in that town that is so dear to us.

Since we have to fly in to New Orleans, we are taking a couple of days there before heading to Vidalia.  It was so cold and yucky when we were there for Dan's graduation that we missed so much that the kids wanted to see and do.  So, we will hit the double decker bus and let Jonah get off at any stop he desires this time.  Or, maybe we will just find our seat at Cafe Dumonde and settle in for some yumminess.  Our kids were covered in powdered sugar the last time we were there.  They loved it.  

School ending just signifies the beginning of craziness for us.  The summer is jam packed.  Jonah is doing TWO sleepover camps.  Dan will be at the first with him.  We are doing a family beach trip in August to celebrate Dan's mom retiring.  We have lots of other exciting things planned but we just need school to finish before that happens.  

Speaking of school, I'm off to pick up two sweet little boys!

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