Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A baby and our stage of of life

I spent the morning at the hospital waiting for little Oliver to make his entrance into our world.  I was the designated photographer for the day and had so much fun following him around and capturing his first moments.  He was a planned C-Section baby so I missed some of the firsts that I typically get when following a baby after birth because they were done in the OR.  But, the ones I got were super sweet and such precious reminders of the beauty of new life.

This hospital does a really cool thing each time a baby is born.  No matter where you are are in the hospital, a lullaby plays to announce another baby being born.  Hearing that throughout the day was so precious to me.  I spent the whole day thinking about the births of my own boys.  Those moments were so tender.  I can remember specific details and can almost give you a timeline of those days.  I loved it.  But, today was another reminder to me of how much I love this season of life.

You know, the one that goes to Disney at 6:00 p.m. on a Sunday night and doesn't have to take a bag of any kind.  We stayed until midnight because we can.  When your kids are 4 and 8, they can hang with you at a theme park until 4 hours after their bedtime.  We had a great time and they did so good.

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When we left Disney, we were all starving. We stopped at a sketch McDonald's in Orlando because that is all that we could find open at 12:45 a.m. As we were driving, Dan's cell phone rang. Anyone married to a Minister knows what that means at that time of night. A church member and friend had passed from this life into Heaven. Her husband was calling Dan to tell him. We went immediately to the Hospice facility. I stayed in the car with the boys while Dan went in for a while. That brought up some hard conversations with my kids. Death is just ugly. But, Heaven...her reward. WOW!

That whole day just reminded me how much I love this stage of life.  The fact that my kids went to bed at 2 a.m. and weren't whining or crying.  They were just going with the flow.  The fact that we can do ministry with daddy instead of being tied to home.  (Granted, hospice wasn't the place for us to be inside with him!) It's important for them to see what their dad does and how he helps people.  It's important to understand why he is away.  

I'm excited about summer getting here and school being out.  (ONE WEEK FROM TOMORROW!!!!!)  I've got some really fun things planned for them and some exciting opportunities.  I'm just really glad none of those involve a diaper bag or feeding schedule!

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