Saturday, April 25, 2015

While I was away (Jan 1-Marriage Cruise)

 We bought several things at Christmas to help Micah with his fine motor skills.  I'm not sure he is quite where he needs to be for his age even now.  So, we work on it at home to help him at school.  
 One night, Jonah sat with me and we wiped out all of his thank you notes for Christmas gifts.  Then, several days later, people started texting me to say they got an empty envelope from us.  He apparently put the sticker in the wrong place on the envelope and didn't seal them correctly.  I didn't have the heart to tell him his hard work wasn't even seen.  
 Sometimes we have special guests join us for Family Worship.  On this night, it was Nemo.  
 I remember snapping this photo the morning the kids went back to school after Christmas.  I was so sad they were gone but reminded of joy of new beginnings and each day taking them closer to the men they will one day be.  

 Micah would follow Jonah anywhere.  ANYWHERE!!!!
 Our friends, the Schacters, went to London and brought he boys these super cool Police Office hats from there.  They still love them today!
 I snapped this photo before Jonah left for school that morning because he looked so big and so not like my little guy anymore.  
 Words with Friends has not caught up with the Apple rage  yet!
 I'm participating in a Scripture Memory group with other ladies from our church.  I'm currently on verse 8 but this was verse 2.  

 He likes to do his "homework" too while Jonah does his.  Except, he sometimes looks like a pirate.  
 And, then he goes to watch Jonah practice basketball dressed like a pirate also.  
 This book is a reminder of how much this guys is changing and growing.  And, a reminder to me of 4 great years of school.  
 Ahhhh...the VERY LAST photo of Dan working in that crazy pod that caused so much stress while the offices were being rebuilt.  

 I have LOVED being in Jonah's class on such a regular basis this year.  I was there on the day they took their class photos and did my best to make his teacher giggle while they were having the photo taken.  
 I'm still so proud of Danno for being Volunteer of the Year at Jonah's school.  He works so hard at his job AND in the community.  
 Strength training?
 Jonah and Rylan Carlos played together again this year but against each other.  Maybe they can be on the same team again this year.  
 When I heard this song on the radio the first time, I had to Shazam it so I could know who it was.  I quickly purchased it and it is a favorite still.  
 Upward comparisons from Kindergarten and this year.  

 If you aren't following Volusia County Mom's then you  are missing gems like this.  "How often do you hug your kids?"  Seriously?  You have to ask a group of people on Social Media that you don't even know?!?!?!   If in doubt, HUG THEM!!!
 Dan and his Administrative Assistant, Jennie at the Florida Worship Choir/Jacksonville Pastor's Conference.  
 Micah was really in the doghouse this day.  (And, Murphy didn't seem thrilled about it!)

 Micah and I were on the train at Magic Kingdom when he pointed to the circle on the right and said "Oh, I know what that means.  It means ABSOLUTELY NO DANCE PARTIES!"  

 Church Directory Photos!  (Which, I later got in trouble for taking this photo!)
 We adored Mr. Robert as our Upward coach this year.  He was amazing with the boys.  

 Micah's first speech evaluation and the beginning of a lot of frustration with Child Find.  

 Micah got this free scarf at school and it quickly became one of his most treasured possessions.  

 Jonah was the first in his class to get all the starts for each level of multiplication in minute math.  
 This boy loves a sweet baby.  He especially loves Elinor.  

 I've taken a lot of dental X-rays over my years in dentistry.  I've taken a lot of Panoramic X-rays.  I have never successfully taken one on a 4 year old.  But, Micah stood there like a champ and let them do it.  It was perfect.  I was so proud of him.  

 Dan's family birthday celebration at Chuck E. Cheese.  

 These three boys had so much fun at the Upward games each week of the season.  It's hard to believe they will be playing soon.  
 He had a slight crush on Hello Kitty for a while.  He wanted this hat.  (We didn't buy it!)
 Silly faces in the car before walking into church!

 I was so sad to say goodbye to my boys before leaving on the Marriage Cruise that afternoon.  
 On the drive to Miami with the Dyer's.  
 FABULOUS cuban food in Miami!
 Yep, we actually hit the hotel gym that morning before heading out!
 Some of our lovely travel companions.  SO MUCH FUN!

 I took a picture of the photo Karen bought of all of us when we boarded the ship. We had so much fun with this crew.  It was a great week of relaxation and rejuvenation.  

 The most amazing donuts EVER were found in Key West.  SO GOOD!

 Another day.  Another bad hair day.  EVEN worse with the wind!

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