Friday, April 17, 2015

Easter 2015

Early on Easter morning, I got a text from Louise telling me she left baskets and donuts for the boys on the window ledge.  They ran out quickly to see what she left for them.  

Can we pause for a moment so I can discuss just how big Jonah looks?  When did this little boy become a big kid?  
And, this one.  I have no words.  He kills me.  
We try to take a picture on Easter Morning before we all head out to our places.  Unfortunately, we chose a bench in front of an ugly window.  

The Glenn boys with the West boys!

These two were born just seven weeks apart and love each other so much.  
Micah, Miller and Eli.  They couldn't do a picture without requesting a silly picture too!

We had a super fancy lunch planned on Easter Sunday.  Yep, we ate at Moe's.  And, Micah had McDonalds.  We've discovered that certain holidays are just so hard when they coincide with Sundays.  Easter is one of those.  We've started to remove the stress on those days and just take them as they come.  And, let me tell you, that low key lunch at Moe's was just that.  Donna and her family came then the West family heard us talking about it after church and they came too.  

We rushed home from lunch to have an egg hunt with Jaxon and his family.  This has been a yearly tradition for us since we moved here.  I think we have only missed one egg hunt in the six years we have lived here.  The boys were so excited to hunt eggs.  

They patiently waited to be called into the front yard.  We always hide the eggs between the two yards.  So, we had to walk them over with their eyes closed so they wouldn't see the eggs before Jaxon or Reagan. 

Micah cared much more about eating the candy in the eggs than the actual egg hunt.  Some of the eggs had money and he would open those and say "oh's just money!"  Those were disappointing to him.  

We left our neighborhood and went to dinner at Beth and Randy's house.  She had an egg hunt planned for them so they sat in the hallway and waited.  Well, Micah waited AND wore his basket as a hat.  And, Jonah did more practice on his photo bomb face.  

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday.  Easter morning is my most favorite day in Church.  The excitement in the air is amazing.  People come ready to worship.  It is just such a fun day each year.  Add the afternoon activities to the day and it is just all around perfect!

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