Thursday, August 20, 2015

Favorite Things Photo Shoot with Ann Axon

*I just found a ton of unfinished posts in my draft folder.  Apparently I was overly ambitious with uploads but fairly lazy with blogging them.  

When Ann told me she was doing a "Favorite Things" day of Mini Sessions, I knew I wanted one of the slots.  Both of our boys have "sleepy toys" that have been a huge part of their lives.  I know the day will come that those toys will be relegated to the top of their closet or put in a bin with other childhood memories.  So, I wanted to document them while they still loved them so much.
Micah's "sleepy toys" are Elmo Mommock (or blanket!), Caterpillar, Lovey and Froggy.  The Elmo blanket was a gift from Cliff and Beppa to Jonah when he was in the midst of his love of all things Elmo.  He kept that blanket with him until he passed it on to Micah one day.  Now, Micah adores it.  The Caterpillar also came from Beppa when she was here visiting.  His all time favorite book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  The lovey came from Allison on Micah's 2nd birthday.  It has Abby on one side and Elmo on the other.  He has moved on (WAY ON) from his love of Abby but he still adores the lovey.  And, Froggy was his gift from NeNe before he was even born!
Jonah's MOST favorite thing on the planet right now are books.  We grabbed a few of his books from his shelf for this shoot.  It could not have been more perfect.

These two boys love each other so much.  Micah loves for Jonah to read to him.  So, this picture is pretty perfect to me!

Here they are together with their favorite sleepy toys.  Lammy and Froggy!
The rest are just so precious!  I'm so glad we did this shoot.  It will always remind me of the little boys God entrusted me with and the the little things they love that mean so much to them.  

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