Friday, February 6, 2015

2014 Thanksgiving Cruise- Day 4 (Thanksgiving Day)

I woke up around 9 on our 4th morning but Micah was OUT.  I finally woke him up at 10:00 a.m.  Dan and Jonah had a snorkeling excursion in Cozumel so they were out and about by 7:00 a.m.  
Once we were getting dressed, I saw the note under my door from Dan saying the winds were up to 50 miles per hour and all excursions had been canceled for the morning.  There was a possibility of a sting ray excursion still happening at 1:30 p.m.  So, we all headed out for a lake breakfast before trying for that excursion.  

There was a particular couple that we found ourselves near numerous times over the week.  They always complimented our kid's behavior and manners.  We discovered it was her birthday so we asked the boys if they wanted to sing to her.  They both said yes but you can see that Micah was quite teased about it.  

She was so grateful for the sweet song from our boys.  She was missing her grandchildren on this day.  It was sweet to see her so blessed by the boys.  
We went back to our rooms and changed into swimsuits in high hopes of the excursion happening.  (Although, looking at the waves told us it wouldn't happen!!!)  We walked up the pier and found the person who was telling everyone that all excursions were canceled EXCEPT for the Tequila tour.  We didn't think that was the best option for our family so we hung around there for a few minutes and then made our way back towards our ship.  

There is no way to adequately describe the wind.  We could barely walk.  I'm not kidding.  I've never been in wind like that.  

So, if you read all the posts about this cruise, then you pretty much know it was a bust.  The late departure, missing the first port, wind canceling excursions at the second...let's just say it wasn't the trip of a lifetime.  But, it was fun being together with no interruptions and having a lot of really great food!

And, Micah even ended up on their Frame of Fame.  You should have seen him when he spotted himself.  

The kids salvaged the day by going back to the pool again while we were in port.  Dan took one for the team and got in the FREEZING water with him.  They get that water directly from the ocean.  They try to heat it but they aren't very successful.  Dan says it was probably 70 degrees.  As much as I love my kids, I could NEVER do that.  

While they swam, I enjoyed a free drink coupon for being a VIPP member with Carnival.  And, by saying "I" enjoyed it is really using that term loosely because mainly my children enjoyed it.  

Even though he slept so late, he was a tired boy.  All this cruising makes a little guy tired.  

I took Micah back to the room for a nap while Dan and Jonah did all sorts of fun things around the ship.  We found them on the Lido Deck playing Chess.  

Since we had late dining each night, we found our towel animals done again.  We loved the Thanksgiving turkey.  

My little cuties were all dressed up for dinner.  Micah got SO MANY compliments on his turkey shirt.  He did look so cute.  

Happy Thanksgiving from our family!  (You know, in mid-February of the next year!!!)

Well, what do you know?  There sits Jonah with another steak and another person waiting to cut it up for him!!

We can't say enough good things about our new Chicago friends.  We had so much fun with them and have stayed in touch since the trip. 

More napkin waving!

And, more dancing from Jonah.  (Seriously, he SO shocked us with this!)  Our little introvert watched from a distance.  

Before bed that night, Dan read the boys "The Elf On The Shelf" like we do every year on Thanksgiving night.  We figured Phibby wouldn't make it to our boat but we read about him anyway!


Aja said...

Tell Micah the Wests (except for his buddy Miller) feel his pain. I would be too embarrassed to do that napkin waving too. Also, I totally think of you as Floridian now until you say things like you've never been in that type of wind and then I remember you weren't here for the hurricanes.

Jami Ainsworth said...

I love that you still blog. I am so proud of you and so wished I could have kept up with mine since I began it when Natalie was two. I tend to get overwhelmed because I overdo everything... thing the tasks at hand gets bigger than life and then I procrastinate and then I get behind and the whole cycle starts again. I love that even though I don't know Micah I love that I feel like I do from Instagram, Facebook, and from your blog (when I get on--not that often). I also love seeing Jonah grow into such a smart young man. I know you are very proud. I have grown so much over the last few is probably good that I didn't blog some of the things I might would have in the past. I got on today because I wanting to do a blog post that I a certain (like this comment) that will get long. I love you, Nikki, and your family..even if we don't get to see one another. You always hold a very special place in my heart!


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