Thursday, February 5, 2015

2014 Thanksgiving Cruise- Day 3

The pictures on this day of the cruise start around lunch time.  We all got up and went to breakfast but about the time we got seated, I felt so bad that I had to leave my family at the table and go back to bed.  Every time I woke up, I'd feel worse.  I slept for five or six hours and finally felt okay.  I woke up to find my crew having a late lunch after a morning of pirate activities.  
We headed to the top deck so Micah's dream of "pop-pop golf" could finally be realized.  This is what he talks about from both cruises.  We could seriously save some money by just going down the street to Family Fun Town.  

This cruise was different for so many reasons but one was the weather.  We never had a super sunny day.  It was windy most of the time.  So much so that they closed the decks several times.  Even when we did sit outside, I wished we had jackets.  So, we didn't linger long.  

And, in true form, Micah realized the chairs could be a stage so he set out to perform "The Nemo Show!"  

We went back to our cabins and got ready to head out to Cozumel.  Because our boat left port so late, we completely missed our stop in Grand Cayman.  In order to make it up to us, we docked in Cozumel on the night before we were supposed to be there.  They sold it to us as "YOU WILL GET TO GET OFF THE SHIP AT 5:00 p.m. AND STAY OFF ALL NIGHT LONG!!!"  That is exactly what I want to do with a 4 and 8 year old.  Thank you, Carnival.  

The kids loved watching the ship pull in to port.  They were fascinated by it all.  

We got off the boat excited to find some fun things to do in Mexico.  And, that is pretty much where the excitement ended.  Since it was the end of the typical cruise day, most everything was closing.  There were a couple of restaurants open so we stopped at one for chips, salsa and a soft drink for each of us.  $35 later, we were on our way with two starving kids because their salsa was big and chunky "and nothing like Chili's!"  As you can see, we have some real foodies on our hands.  

We made our way back to our rooms to get ready for dinner.  We were happy to see our towel creations were there already.  
And, not to leave ole Danno out, but while I was sleeping that day, he found himself in a trivia competition and won the title of "SHIP GENIUS!"  Precious little Jonah thought that was the greatest thing he had ever heard and he could not believe his daddy had that title or that trophy!

Micah ventured out that night and hat a hot dog.  It was a little touch and go when he realized they included the bun.  But, he persevered and realized his mom was right when she kept saying "we can take it away.  We can take it away!"

Another night, another steak for Jonah.  (With someone cutting it up for him!!!)

In the thrill of napkin twirling for 99% of the room, you could always find Micah somewhat stressed about the napkin twirling.  It just was not his thing!!!

And, who in their wildest dreams would have ever imagined Jonah Daniel Glenn out in the middle of the room dancing.  NOT ME!  But, he loved it.  It took a little prodding from us and lots of encouragement from Caleb and Lauren but he did it.  And, then he talked about it non stop until the next night when the dining room team told him they would be waiting for him.  

And, to end the night, another night at the piano bar!

And, as you might imagine, Micah wasn't at all sleepy that night either.  And, he didn't sleep with one leg out of the bed for a while either.

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