Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2014 Thanksgiving Cruise- Day 2

We woke up on the first morning on the boat and immediately checked to see if we were moving.  If you remember, the fog was so bad in Tampa that they weren't sure we would even get out of port.  We saw the beautiful blue ocean and were happy to realize we were actually cruising.  We later found out that the boat left at 3:30 a.m. rather than the 4:00 p.m. on the previous day.  Somehow, we should have clued in to the fact that this wasn't going to be a dream trip.  But, we didn't.  That realization came later.  Oh well, we were together, right?
One thing our kids love is the opportunity to sit at a table together.  They think they are so big when they sit alone.  It doesn't matter that we are right next to them.  They are at their table alone.  And, they couldn't be happier.  
After washing my hair that very first morning, I discovered I left my conditioner at home.  The water on the boat was awful and my hair was struggling (way worse than the normal struggle!!!)  I stopped by the little shop on the boat to buy conditioner.  They had one kind.  I walked to the register and the guy said "Oh, you get this from wall of shame?"  I smiled and nodded.  I had no idea what he meant.  Well, until he rang it up.  $23!  TWENTY THREE DOLLARS FOR A BOTTLE OF PANTENE CONDITIONER!!!!  Come to find out, they charged us for shampoo too and took that off.  The conditioner was $14.  Yep, the same thing that is $4 here is $10 more out at sea.  UGH!  Lesson learned.  
The kids were excited to get in the pool.  The water, was no where close to warm.  This momma sat on the sideline while their amazing daddy got in the pools with them.  

We went back to our room to get ready for dinner.  The first full day on the boat was also the only dress up night.  Jonah read while the rest of us got ready for the evening festivities.  

The negative to blogging about something two months after it happens is that you forget details.  I have no idea why Micah was so upset.  But, all was not right in his world!

Could Micah look any more thrilled about this photo?  Ha.  It makes me laugh!

While we were waiting for pictures, he clicked on the computer to book another cruise on Carnival.  (That is the only free thing you can do on ship computers!!!)  

It wasn't quite time for our dinner reservation so we hung out and listened to a band.  Micah did a little dancing.  

The kids kept seeing people with drinks that had umbrellas.  Micah was so determined to get a drink with an umbrella.  The bartender heard him and called us over to give the boys a water- complete with a cherry and umbrella.  No other water will ever measure up to that.  

Dan and Micah took off on a little adventure while Jonah and I sat and read.  As you can imagine, Micah wasn't so into the "sitting" or "reading" part of this vacation.  

We got to dinner and were so happy the Maitre d had worked it out for us to be seated with our new friends, The Throops!  We had so much fun with them on this trip!  My kids adored their kids.  They were so sweet to my boys.  

The nightly entertainment that involved waving napkins was the highlight of Jonah's time on the boat.    He "just can't believe you wave dinner napkins in the air!!!"

This is also the trip where Jonah learned the fun of putting a spoon on his nose.  

And, what do you know?  Little brother figured it out too!!
Rather than steak or lobster, Micah chose the fine cuisine of peanut butter and jelly!  (Every.  Single.  Night!!!)

Jonah, on the other hand, ate enough steak over the course of the week to completely cover the cost of his cruise.  (I'm not kidding!!!)

We had the ABSOLUTE best dining room team that I've ever experienced.  So much so that I sent letters to the cruise line within hours of being home from the trip.  They cut our kids food for us, they helped feed them, they kept them stocked with chocolate milk and endless fruit.  They were exceptional.  

One of our favorite things each night was going to the piano bar.  Fortunately, it was very family friendly.  He took requests from the kids too.  It was so good.  

Our kids could hardly wait each night to get back to the room to see what towel animal creations would be there.  

When Micah got to bed that night, he assured me he wasn't sleepy.  Three minutes later, this is how he looked.  

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Cathi said...

I love the photos of the boys all dressed up! I know it def wasn't your ideal adventure in the least but, looking at those little faces, you wouldn't have known it! They're such amazing kiddos!


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