Sunday, January 4, 2015

The weather, church, mascara, cooking and a few stories

Listen, if that isn't a random title, I don't know what is.  This has been a day!  A good one, though!  As we walked to the car for church this morning, I had to take a picture.  It's January, people.  JANUARY!  We are dressed for spring or summer.  My kids wore shorts and sandals.  I wore a spring dress and strappy purple wedges.  (You can tell the wind is blowing my dress which means we did have a nice little breeze, at least!)  And, we were still hot!  I hear it is supposed to cool down this week.  I'm sure that means we will be in the 70's.  {wink}
We came home for lunch today.  That's kind of a new thing I'm trying.  I love going to eat on Sundays but when I calculated how much money we spend doing that each month, well, you would understand why we decided to start coming home instead.  I feel bad using that much money each month on something Dan isn't part of with us.  He has meetings most every Sunday.  We won't cut out Sunday lunch completely, but it just won't be an every week thing.  I will say, it was nice being done with lunch and the kitchen being clean before we would usually be getting our food on a Sunday.  

Dan was actually off today and planned to be home all afternoon.  But, he ended up going straight to Daytona to the hospital to see a church member who just got some tough news .  He came home for a while then got word that another church member was in ICU.  So, he left to go there while I cooked dinner.  And, speaking of cooking, this leads me to my next point.  We are back full on using the Cash Envelope System and meal planning.  I made our dinner menu/shopping list yesterday and shopped for all of that.  I came home from church and made sloppy joes.  Neither of my kids knew what they were.  They kept asking what it was so I said "It's like a crumbled up hamburger with the ketchup already mixed in."  Jonah liked it.  Micah was the opposite of like.  He took one bite, gagged, almost threw up then he was done.  A few minutes later he said "It is more fun to eat places on Sunday that have good food and not your food because it is not good!"  And, with that, I imagined that must be exactly what The Pioneer Woman feels like around her house.  Except, she is probably not making Sloppy Joes (out of a manwich can!!!!!) for lunch but probably making Cinnamon Toast that has more steps than the hardest meal I know how to make!  And, now that I think about it, I've never seen one of her kids gagging on her food while on her TV Show or in any of her pictures.  

Micah and Jonah wanted to ride bikes out front.  I kept telling them we would as soon as the kitchen was clean or Dan got home.  Micah was set on whining.  I told him if he whined one more time, he was taking a nap.  Well, Dan drove up and Micah thought that meant he could immediately go play.  When I reminded him that Dan needed to eat lunch (it was 2 :20 p.m.), he melted.  I walked him straight to his bed.  That is when he told me that "the Bible says you can whine on any day that you want and you don't have to go to bed."  I was not aware of that being in the Bible so I put him down for a nap anyway because I don't have that version of the Bible.  

Dan and Jonah played outside for a while and then Micah woke up and joined them.   While they did that, I used a Magic Eraser to clean my front door.  That wasn't necessarily a fun job.  But, now my door is clean.  While I was doing it, I went to grab Lysol wipes from the boy's bathroom so I could give the door a good wipe down.  That is when I noticed an entire row of Mascara under my eye from where I had apparently blinked when I put it on BEFORE CHURCH.  It wasn't a small amount either.  That made me wonder why not one soul mentioned it to me.  I looked like a 6th grade girl using eye makeup for the first time.  Hi, welcome to Stetson Baptist Church, I'm the pastor's wife, Tammy Faye Bakker!

I made Chicken roll-ups for dinner tonight.  Dan and Jonah liked them.  Micah did not.  (Do you see a theme here??)  But, he didn't gag or throw up with this one bite so I pretty much feel like a rock star!  While we all ate the chicken roll-ups, he ate cereal and milk.  His wife will have it easy if she can pour cereal, bake chicken nuggets, cut up fruit or make a PB&J!  

When Advent ended, we all decided how much we enjoyed the time together each night.  So, we kept it going.  Dan moved his guitar to the living room.  We do some sort of object lesson, talk, Bible Story or Q&A time.  We sing a few songs then each take turns praying.  We are also pulling a Christmas Card from our pile each night and talking about that family and then praying for them.  The kids really enjoy that!!!  We do too.  It reminds us of so many people we love.  While a good many cards came to us from right here in DeLand, most came from out of state.  Which, ironically, is where I wish I had been when I discovered that huge mascara stain on my face!!!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, so funny! I think Micah may be right about what the bible says and I would have loved to have seen you as Tammy Faye Baker Glenn - lol - love your stories!

Amber said...

Micha sounds like Jackson!!! He'd rather eat cereal or a sandwich 99% of the time! Love the mascara story, too!!! :)


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