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October 2014 iPhone pics

When Dan was gone, the kids had so much fun chatting with him on FaceTime.  Technology makes distance a little more bearable.  
Micah's class did chapel one Thursday.  I was sad Dan missed it.  The best word I know to describe that morning was comical!

After spending the early morning with Micah, I went to Jonah's school to volunteer and have lunch with him.  

We brought a few kids home with us that day.  My kids love having friends over to play!

Dan came home that Friday afternoon and we were thrilled!  Jonah had the idea to make him a welcome home sign.  I squired the paint on the plates but he did the rest himself.  He let Max and Micah add their touch to the sign.  

The footprints were not intentional but they are still on our garage floor all these months later.  

When Jonah was little, Amanda sent him a true labor of her love for him...binder games.  Both boys still enjoy them all these years later.  They played with them until it was time to go welcome Dan and the Senior Adults home.  

Hannah took my phone and captured lots of pictures for us!

The boys were glad Dan was home but even more glad that he brought chocolate from Hershey World!
This picture had to be Instagrammed!

The buddies have fun wherever they are!

Children's Ministry check in!  They fight over who gets to check them in for the day!

This is what you call "i'm not a morning person!"

These two...
They have a lot of fun together!!

I took this photo off the back of Margie's camera.  It makes me laugh!  All that playing made Micah a very tired boy!
Tennis time!
Ginny Beth gave Jonah this cool tennis ball practice toy.  We've all enjoyed it!

Maroon Friday at Hollywood Studios!  (This was when our bulldogs were still #1!!!)
And, doesn't every kid read a book at 10:00 on Friday night while eating at Chuy's after a fun day at Disney?  This one does.  He loves to read!

I believe the theme of this photo would be "BATMAN!"
Ahhhh...this was a fun ride this year.  And, BooMama had the Instagram the made me laugh the most!

One of the things I've enjoyed this year is helping Jonah's class when they are in the computer lab.  I feel so bad for the kids who never get to use a computer at home because they struggle on these days.  

I happened to be with his class when they spotted Jonah's name on all three of the Reading award charts outside of the library.  It was so fun to see them pointing it out to him and being excited for him.  
Odyssey of the Mind days are Jonah's most favorite!  
After a rough bike wreck last spring, Jonah is finally back on his bike again and not scared to death to ride.  
Little brother was always close behind on his scooter!
But, sometimes when you are 3, life is just hard!!

My job has provided me with the exact income I've needed to put Micah into preschool.  It has also helped me gain a great deal of wisdom from the life experience of some wonderful men who count the offering with me each week.  
3rd grade boys playing Wii.  
And, younger siblings on the iPad.  Who says I don't engage?!?!
They LOVE to help me cook dinner.  

The view from my pew!

Ole Danno got Volunteer of the Year at Jonah's school.  Mrs. Avery got Senior Volunteer.  Congrats to both of them!
We always enjoy Sunday School parties.  It gives us a chance to spend time with people in a relaxed setting.  (and while not chasing kids!!)
Micah and his buddy Grayson love to play Imaginext together.  

If there is a surefire way to always make my kids happy, this would be it!

One Saturday morning, we picked up Munchkins and headed to the playground.  

Micah brought me his hat and my phone one day and said "you want to take a picture of me wearing a hat?"  
Dan was working on the pool  Apparently the boys needed to help.  When they finished, Dan took Jonah to a Stetson Football game.  
Micah spent the afternoon shopping with me followed by a fun night at Chuck E. Cheese.  

We had lunch at Sonny's and brought the West boys home with us.  Dave and Aja have a Sunday afternoon obligation most every week so I was happy to have the kiddos.  

And, just for fun, we did a face juggle on Holder and Jonah.  HA!!!
Micah rode in Jonah's car seat since I had Miller in his.  He was too exhausted to hang on the ride home. 

Disney with my big boy!!!

My favorite place to do my quiet time is on the back porch.  Well, only when the weather is perfect.  And, it was perfect on this day!
Homework with the neighbors!

EPCOT to hear Jim Brickman with my favorite person!

And, we ran into some more of our favorites!

Fun faces on Spaceship Earth!

Our friend Laura had the boys that night.  She text me this picture of Micah to show me that he couldn't hang.  He tried.  
Mother/Son Adventure day at Stetson Baptist!

Here is photographic evidence that Micah ate celery.  The kid who doesn't eat jack asked for celery at Chilis.  No words!

Throw back to Dan's senior portrait while at the pumpkin patch.  

We went for pizza after the pumpkin patch and the boys wanted to sit alone at their table.  SO BIG!
DeLeon Springs with Colton and his Nana!

Micah and Grayson hanging out in Mrs. Crayne's room.  
I'd say Micah really enjoyed his dinner.  

Jersey Day at School.  (This was before Jonah got his Dak jersey!)
Ahhhh...a treasure from my youth!

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