Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sneak Peek from tonight

Post by Ann Axon Photography.

We did a cute "My Favorite Things" photo session with Ann Axon Photography tonight.  The boys took their loveys and few special books with them.  It was fun.  I never envisioned these photos at wall portraits but something more for their memory books.  I'll tuck these photos away with the items and pass it all down to them one day.  As time passes, I realize how quickly it goes and that while these items are their most treasured possessions, they won't always be.  So, I'm glad we documented it.  The picture I posted above is one she took of Jonah reading Brown Bear to Micah.  That is so symbolic because that was Jonah's most favorite book.  So, to see him sharing that one with his brother, well, let's just say the sentiments aren't lost on me.

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