Saturday, January 3, 2015

The first post of 2015

When you title your blog post "The first post of 2015," it feels like it should be something epic.  But, it isn't going to be.  It's just an update on our life and what is ahead of us for the next few days and what is in our rearview mirror.  Probably a little boring, actually.  But, isn't that actually a true representation of our life?  It's our normal.  It's what we do.  But, from the outside looking in, it's boring.  After a whirlwind of craziness, I'm welcoming the "boring" with wide open arms!

Dan just left with the boys for a day of fun at The Orlando Science Center.  I stayed home to do laundry, clean the house and shop for groceries.  David Crowder is playing throughout the house and I was all set to do those things.  But, I decided to sit for a minute to check email and that turned into me being on the blog.  The kids were super excited to have a day with Dan.  Our passes are about to expire so they are taking advantage of a fun day there.  They left singing "The Boys are Back in Town!"

I spent a good part of yesterday finalizing our January budget and making a menu and shopping list for the next week.  I'm really trying to get more in the groove of a normal dinner time and meals at home even on nights we are out and about.  I cooked only a few times in the whole month of December because we were so busy.  Our kids ate more PB&J than I would like to admit.  Granted, that is the meal they choose most often.  I have a bad habit of not cooking if we are gone at all that night or if Dan won't be home.  But, I'm reminding myself that even when he isn't home, he does come home later and a meal would be nice, even at 11 p.m.

I finished our budget for January and got all of our envelopes ready for our Cash Envelope System.  The only thing we haven't budgeted for yet is the new flooring we need to do this year.  Our carpet is bad.  Dan's allergies are bad.  It has to go.  We haven't decided what we are doing for sure but we have a flooring place coming next week.  During our family devotion last night, we talked about wishes and dreams.  Dan asked all of us to name one wish.  My wish was that I could disappear before flooring installation and come back when it was all done and everything was back in place.  I can't even imagine the mess that is coming.  I need to be on meds before that begins.  

This week was a big week for Jonah.  He got to attend his first Mississippi State football game.  We didn't walk away with the win but we did walk away with a fabulous experience for our 8 year old.  He loved every single minute of it.  We had a couple of other bowl game opportunities in the past few years but Dan wanted to wait until he enjoyed watching a football game on TV.  This is the year that happened.  He got invested in the game and in our team.  He knew the players by name and number.  He became a fan.  So, while most of the Mississippi State fan base were upset about us landing in Miami, this family was super excited.  We wondered if he would want to spend most of the time at the concession stand or walking the stadium but he didn't want to leave his seat.  He didn't want to miss a thing.  It was so fun!

I have more to say but my alone time is lessening with each key stroke.  I still have to finish cleaning, hit the grocery store and cook dinner.  I'll be back later with photos.  

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Micah's 4th birthday party

7 weeks ago, this sweet boy turned 4 years old.  I can't imagine our life without this guy.  He is a complete opposite of Jonah at this age.  He is hilarious but a massive introvert.  He sings and "does shows" all the time.  He can't use a pair of scissors to save his life but has an imagination that could land him a job as a Disney Imagineer.  He's a fun kid.  And, I'm so glad we got to celebrate him one Saturday night almost 2 months ago!!!!
I ordered a super cute Green shirt with a big #4 on it.  It came 2 days after his birthday party.  Since his invitation was on a chalkboard, I put him in black and we all wore the bright colors.  
Miss Ginny Beth was the maker of his birthday party treat.  I ordered strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese icing.  She text me the day before and asked what I thought about making the cupcakes into The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  That wasn't our theme but I totally trusted her vision for this.  
I had not told Micah about it in advance.  I let her tell him.  You can see from his face that he was happy.  Then, she showed it to him on her phone.  (It had to be taken apart for the transport!)

We had to take a picture of her with Jonah also.  This family loves Ginny Beth!  (And, her cupcakes!!!)
Before we left for the party, our neighbor came over with Micah's gift.  They were coming to the party but wanted to give us one less thing to have to transport back home.  Yeah, they are good neighbors!

I had a pretty big Toy Story bash planned for our home.  But, less than two weeks before the big event, I canceled it all and booked a party at That One Fun Place in Daytona.  It is a new bounce house place that opened in the summer.  They did an excellent job with the party.  I was quite impressed.  
Jonah bought Micah's present with his very own money.  He was so happy to take it to the party with him.  
These three, y'all!  They are loud, fun, rowdy, silly, super cute and SO MUCH FUN!  

Micah's presents have been such a blessing to him this year.  Before his party, he only had baby toys left at our house.  We had everyone donate gifts to charity last year so all of his toys are over a year old.  These were PERFECT gifts for him and all things he loved.  

Doesn't this picture make you want to volunteer in our church nursery?  What, no?  Minus Grayson, these guys are all together each week.  

It was such a wonderful party for our awesome 4 year old!  


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