Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday Morning at the Park

 Dan had a funeral last Saturday morning so the boys and I picked up Donuts and headed to the playground.  If my kids could choose any special treat for breakfast, it is always Munchkins from Dunkin Donuts.  We grabbed those from the drive-thru then set off for a full morning of fun.  

 It was cool when we left home so we capitalized on wearing jeans and long sleeves.  We regretted that decision by 10:00 that morning.  It got hot!  But, the kids didn't mind.  They were happy to play regardless of the sweat rolling down their faces.  

 After playing for awhile, they stopped for a few Munchkins.  You can buy them in a box of 25 or 50. We always buy the box of 50 so they can have them for breakfast for a few mornings.  

 You can see the playground was basically empty while we were there.  A family with 3 kids came for a while while we were there but they didn't stay long.  The oldest child informed me that his mother "always comes here when she needs to make phone calls that she doesn't want us to hear!"  

It was a really fun morning with these two boys.  Unfortunately, the fun ended there because we left and hit 6 different stores for a pair of church shoes for Jonah.  Every single place was out of his size.  At one point, one of the kids said "this is the least amount of fun we have ever had!"  I had to agree.  Going in and out of 6 stores with no success is no way to spend the morning.  At least we started well.  

Friday, October 24, 2014


It is before 8 on Friday morning.  No lights are on in the house.  I hear the hum of the washing machine down the hall.  I'm still in my pajamas and I'm sipping on coffee with Creme Brûlée creamer.  I'm not sure why I felt the need for you to have a visual of what it looks like as I type this post, but, there you have it!

Dan has gone to take both boys to school.  We recently switched one of Micah's 3 days of preschool to a Friday.  Originally we made Friday a off day for him because Dan was off that day and it gave us special time with just him.  Then, we realized one week that "special" time was really a lot of sitting in the car with me while Dan did hospital visits or running errands with us that had not gotten done over the course of the week.  So, as glamorous as that all is for a 3 year old, we decided to make this a school day and give him another day of the week off with me.  It has worked out wonderfully.  

School has been a bit of a challenge for him this year.  He doesn't love it like he did last year.  He doesn't cry but he doesn't get excited when we pull in.  He says he doesn't have any friends.  We have even considered pulling him and just keeping him home with me until VPK starts.  But, the social part of school for him is such a need.  With my first child, ( I could have just said Jonah.  It's not like I have 9 that need to be kept straight!) I was sure that he needed every single educational opportunity available so he could adequately perform when he reached Kindergarten.  So, he got it.  He was in some of the best preschool programs and academically, he was at the top of his class.  He has not struggled once since hitting school.  But, honestly, I think preschool helped him more socially than academically.  He made friends in preschool that entered Kindergarten with him so he was never alone at school.  He started day one with a group of kids that have walked through 4 years with him.  It's made a huge difference for a kid that would have been super timid otherwise about starting something new.  

So, that is where I am with Micah.  He's my introvert.  He's my timid guy.  I know the ABC's and handwriting will come.  I know the sight words will happen.  But, I need him to be more social and realize his mom is not the only show in town.  While the selfish side of me wants him to love me and be a little over the top with his connection to me, the well rounded side of me wants him to have other experiences that don't include me so that when he has to do real school, he is ready.  I read a blog post yesterday about how we create so many magical moments for our kids that when they hit the reality of school, they can't handle it because it is structured and their happiness isn't the most important thing to a classroom full of kids. If I don't force Micah into school routines and procedures, he will be that Kindergartner crying every day who hates school.  And, it doesn't hurt that he gave me 10 facts about "Leo-ree De-vee-chi" (that's Leonardo DiVinci) yesterday and told me step by step how to grow a carrot from a seed.  And, let's be honest, he could be wrong about either of this because if there is anything his parents have zero knowledge about it, it is famous artists and growing vegetables!

(Totally shifting gears...)  Today is an exciting day for us.  We are going on a date to Disney!  When we were dating, we fell in love with Jim Brickman.  His CD was the first gift Dan ever gave me.  His music has been part of every special thing we have ever done.  We are big fans.  When I was at Epcot with Jonah on Monday, I realized he would be in concert there Thursday and Friday of this week for their Eat to the Beat series.  Friday was out for us because we had a Halloween Party to attend.  So, I tried to make Thursday work.  But, Dan had meetings that couldn't be rescheduled.  I resigned myself to it not working.  Then, our party hosts came down with the crud so they canceled the party.  All of the sudden, Friday became a reality.

Our amazing friend offered to get both kids from school and keep them until late tonight so we could go.  She even offered to let them spend the night.  Yeah, she's that good of a friend!  Since I told Dan that it all worked out for us to go, he keeps saying "I'm so glad we get to go!"  I don't guess I realized what a big deal it was for him.  And, truthfully, life has been so busy lately that we haven't spent any quality time together that didn't involve driving from one event to another.  So, this will be good.   And, unless my memory fails me, we have lived her five years and never done Disney alone.  (except for our 2 hour stop at Hollywood Studios on the way home from our anniversary trip!)  So, it's a big day for us.  Truthfully, where we are going isn't as big of a deal as just a full day together.  We are both excited about that.  

Can you believe Christmas is just 2 months away?  I've been working on our kid's wish lists and trying to determine what their 3 gifts will be.  I'm trying to have shopping behind me before the busyness of the season hits.  I want to soak it up rather than rushing around.  I loved our Advent celebrations last year and look forward to more of that this year.  Micah is old enough to "get it" this year and I want them to have the wonder of what it meant for Jesus to be born into this crazy world.  

But, before the madness of Christmas, I have Micah's birthday party.  Which, by the way, is just 2 weeks away.  I wish you could see all of the amazing party plans and decorations that I have.  I'd love to show you except none have been done.  And, by none, I mean zero.  Well, I take that back, I have a date for his party, a shirt ordered and that is it.  No invitation, no decorations, no games, no food, NOTHING.  So, two weeks from tomorrow will either be very impressive (that I threw it all together) or very sad (because my 4 year old doesn't even have a cake to eat at his party!)  We'll see...

That's all from me.  The dog is barking and the washer is done. Time for me to get busy!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Epcot with the big boy!

Today was a school holiday for Jonah.  He went to work with me this morning then we took off for a full day of fun at Epcot.  I scheduled Fast Passes for Magic Kingdom last night but he asked if we could switch to Epcot because that is his favorite park.  We did switch them but they were for late in the day so got to play around most of the day until our Fast Passes started at 5:00 p.m.

I was reminded today of those early days in Florida when the two of us spent so many days at Disney.  It has been a while since it was just the two of us there.  It was a fun day.  He just seems so big now.  He has real people conversations.  He can hang all day at Disney with no stroller, no bag of snacks, no breaks to rest.  He's just a big kid.

Jimmy was super proud of Jonah's straight A's so he told me "to buy that boy something!"  Well, that boy wanted a funnel cake at Epcot, so that boy got a funnel cake.  We took this picture and sent it to Jimmy then called to tell him how good it was.  (Thanks, Jimmy!  He was happy to spend your money on a couple of treats today!!!)
It really was such a fun day for us.  We got home 13 hours after we left.  We had some really good talks.  We rode rides.  We watched shows.  We visited the countries.  We rode a boat.  But, most of all, we just spent the whole day together.  It was fun!!!

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