Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ending summer...

We are down to our final week of summer.  Maybe once my kids are back in school, I'll be a better blogger?  We'll see.  Honestly, I'll have a ton more time.  There have been many days this summer that I haven't even opened my laptop until they were in bed.  And, speaking of bed, their bedtime has been 9-10 (or even later) all summer long.  I'm not one of those people who start the school routine weeks ahead of school starting.  I pretty much start it when school starts.  Let's face it, you can't really bank sleep!  So, I'm letting them take full advantage of going to bed late and sleeping late.  This time next Saturday, we will put them to bed at their normal church bedtime and the new school routine will begin.  

Honestly, I'm really excited about the school year.  Both of my boys are in excellent schools.  We have had nothing but positive experiences with them.  So, while I'm sad to give up the lazy days of summer, I'm excited for the new things they will experience, the new friends they will make and all they will learn as they begin a new academic year.  I'm convinced that your school year is what you make of it.  So, I'm determined to help them make it a great year.  We already know what they are wearing the first day of school.  We are using the same backpacks & lunch boxes from last year.  (Seriously, if you invest in a good backpack early on, it will last for YEARS!  Jonah has had only 2 since 3 year old preschool.  One is from L.L. Bean and one is from Pottery Barn.  They are both in excellent condition still.  With 5 years of use they still look brand new!!)  

One week from today is the 5 year anniversary of the day Dan preached in view of a call at this church.  It doesn't seem like we have been here that long.  Honestly, it seems like only a couple of years.  But, then I look at Jonah.  He was younger than Micah is now when we got here.  Now, he is 8 years old.  He's a big kid and not the baby boy that walked into this place.  The past 5 years have certainly been a journey.  We've experienced some things I could have never imagined.  We've had immeasurable joy and deep sadness.  I remember being so confident that God was leading us here.  I'm still confident this is where He has called us.  It's been hard.  It's been overwhelming.  It's been exhausting.  But, it has all been with His leading and His direction.  For that, I'm grateful and so thankful.  

So, like I said early in this post.  Summer is winding down.  School is about to start.  So, I'll probably be silent here for just a bit longer- with the exception of another #glenngangsummer2014 post!

Monday, August 4, 2014

A book memory

One of my favorite things about blogging is using the blog as a reference tool.  There is a little search bar on the right side of the blog that can help me find most anything.  Tonight, as I was reading through a stack of books with Micah, a certain book sparked a memory of being the first book I ever read to him.  So, I did a little search for "first book" and this post came up from December of 2010.  So, I grabbed my phone and snapped a picture of the same little boy and same book.  (See, I told you I love comparison photos!)

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Easter, 2014- You know, because it is August!!!

When you have kids that are sleepers, holiday mornings aren't always so exciting.  First, you have to wake them up and then you have to convince them to be happy they are awake.  That is how it was on Easter morning of 2014. 

I snapped a couple of pictures before we left for church but Dan is always anxious to hit the road so I saved the rest for once we got there. 

We went into the sanctuary to see some friends.  Micah was happy to see "Missaweez" and then to see Miller in the foyer. 

We ran into Colton on our way to the nursery.  Isn't he a cutie? 

Jonah's piano teacher, Ms. Ginny looked like she belonged in our family photos that day.  We LOVE this lady so much!

When your husband creeps into other family photos, then you get this when you take a family photo!

Sweet little Nora!  How precious is she?

Jonah and Eli!  I never noticed before that Eli is almost as tall as Jonah.  Eli was just a baby boy when we got to Stetson.  Now he is entering 1st grade!


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