Saturday, June 28, 2014

Jonah's 2nd Piano Recital

 Today, Jonah had his 2nd piano recital.  He was "a little bit nervous" but did really well.  He wasn't so into the pictures but he obliged me with a few. 

 We got there a little early so I took a couple of pictures at the piano before others arrived. 

 Micah wanted to be in the pictures with Jonah but I told him no.  (Less about sharing the picture with Jonah and more about his new unwillingness to look at the camera!)  The tears started to flow.  So, I told him he could take a picture too if he would smile.  As you can see, that really worked.  Ahem.

 Jonah was struggling with his pieces today so Dan took him back to the choir room to practice.  He could barely practice for worrying about whether or not we were allowed to be back there.  (He is such a rule follower!!)  We assured him that it was fine for us to be back there.  He was then able to focus and do both pieces with perfection. 

 His special friends, Susan and Ginny Beth came to see him play.  He was thrilled and felt so special for having friends there to watch him.  Living away from family most always finds us as just a family of 4 at special things when other kids participating usually have a couple of sets of grandparents along with other family.  He was really so happy to have them there. 
 We feel so fortunate that Jonah has had the opportunity to be taught piano by Ginny Wright.  She is truly such a special lady who has a precious heart.  Her musical skills are amazing but what she offers children in the way of self confidence and making them feel special just blows my mind.  She is a gift to our church, this community and our family. She has taught countless children to play piano.  I'm glad Jonah is part of that number. 
 Abby Walrath is a sweet girl from our church who nailed her piece. 
 Jonah played right after Abby.  I don't think he ever cracked a smile but he really did enjoy himself. 

 He played 10,000 Reasons and The Doxology.  I don't quite understand music but the first piece had something to do with a dotted quarter eighth note.  For non-musical people like me, that means nothing.  But, all the musical people were quite impressed.  Especially from where he progressed from this time last year. 

After everyone played, Ms. Ginny handed out the certificates but Jonah got a special award for achievement in reading and rhythm skills.  She said some really nice things about his accomplishments.  Dan caught some of it on the video.  (You can see that below!)

 Jonah was very happy to see Mrs. Hoover (his first grade teacher) at the recital.  She actually had 3 former students play today. 

Dan spent a little time taking the videos from today and making them into one video.  So, you'll see Jonah play his pieces and then it will go to the part where she gave Jonah his certificate.  

We really are so proud of his musical accomplishments.  It certainly hasn't come without practice.  I've told him that he is the exact age where my piano teacher told my mom that she was wasting her money.  So, he has officially surpassed his mother in piano (and other musical) ability!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Today- June 25

If you are friends with me on Twitter or Facebook, then you know how much I love the Timehop App.  Because I'm a memory person, I always think back to what we were doing on that day in the years past.  This blog has made that easy for me because I can always go click on that day to see what was going on.  (That doesn't work so much anymore since the last year has found me SO behind on this blog!!)  

Anyway, today was full of Timehop memories.  But, the biggest is what happened 5 years ago today.  Dan was in Louisville, KY at the Southern Baptist Convention.  I was home in Vidalia.  Later that day, we met up in the Orlando airport with two members of the Pastor Search Committee from this church.  That was our first meeting after months of phone calls/text messages/interviews/emails.  My flight arrived an hour or so before Dan's.  So, I met Jerry and Tracee before him, although I felt like I already knew them.  

That began a journey that led us to where we are today.  That weekend was full of meetings, interviews, meals, questions, tours, house searches and many prayers.  We were excited for the future but our hearts were so torn over the body we so loved in Vidalia.  It was a hard thing.  In many ways, it is still hard.  Our lives will be forever entwined with those people.  

Our move to DeLand has brought about so many changes in our lives.  We've had some of the hardest days of our ministry here.  We've also had some of the best.  I was blessed to dive deeply into the life of Gideon through a Priscilla Shirer study earlier this year.  That study answered so many questions for me about our time in DeLand.  It challenged me in numerous ways also. I'm grateful for the ways God has lead us, directed us and used us here.  I'm grateful for the challenges that have made us stronger.  I'm grateful that when we pulled into the city 5 years ago today, that He had already placed a love for the people that could only come from Him.  

I don't know where the next 5 years will find us.  Maybe I'll be sitting in the same living room with a 12 year old and 8 year old (GASP) or maybe I'll be somewhere else.  But, I'm even more committed to walking closely with the One who led us here and has been faithful all the days since. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

#glenngangsummer2014- Week Two

Day 8
Jonah's dream of Fun Spot FINALLY came true!

Day 9
Swim Party at the Axon's

Day 10
Summer Reading Program at the Lake Helen Library 

Day 11
Swimming and Lunch at Mrs. Beth's house

Day 12
Pool time with Eli

Day 13
Pool time, reading and fun at church

Day 14
Lunch with Megan's family, World Cup watching with Daddy and Computer time

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