Monday, December 1, 2014

Well, hello there!

It's been a while!  (That seems to be the recent theme of this little space on the world wide web!!)

I'm sitting in my living room and enjoying the lights of the Christmas tree.  The boys have LONG been in bed.  Dan just went that direction.  And, as much as I know that I will regret being up late when the alarm goes off at 5:50 a.m., I just wanted to sit in the silence for a while.  Today was a busy day full of work, a little shopping, cooking and delivering dinner for three families, a little online shopping, paying bills, decorating for Christmas, beginning our Advent celebrations and gathering boxes of things for Goodwill.  

I found some really great deals on this Cyber Monday.  I got nieces and nephews (Minus the 16 year old who really just wants money) done.  I got a few things for our boys.  I ended up doing a lot of online shopping for friends who don't do the computer (therefore will never see this blog!) or Amazon.  I spent about an hour today on the phone with various friends while they told me what they wanted and I shopped.  It was fun.  I'm a deal finder.  So, I enjoy that.  

We just returned from a Thanksgiving cruise.  This was our 4th year in a row to go away for Thanksgiving.  Several friends are convinced that our Thanksgiving trips are cursed.  I'm beginning to believe them.  At some point, we just need to give up and realize that staying home for Thanksgiving HAS to be better than what we experience each year.  It's hard to complain though.  I feel so blessed for the opportunities we've had to go away and be together as a family.  My boys have experienced and seen so much on our travels.  We have a bucket list of places we want to take them.  We said we would start when Micah turns 5.  That is only a year away.  We've got big dreams that range from the Pacific Coast Highway in CA to the Amish Country in PA.   (More details on the cursed cruise when I blog about it!)

Tomorrow is a fun day with my Micah man!  I love having him home with me a few days each week. Everything is an adventure with him.  Hopefully he will enjoy Target and Hobby Lobby as much as I do!  Then we will get on to the fun for him until time to get Jonah from school.  Ok, the tired has to bed.  Back with pictures next time!

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Aja said...

1. I loved your shopping texts yesterday. You are a much better bargain shopper than me so I enjoyed hearing that you spent for a change. Even though I know everything was on sale. ;)

2. Miller literally sang a song and did a dance this morning when he found out we were spending the day decorating Nina's house. The song went, "Yea! We're not doing errands! Yea, we're not going to Target today! Whoo hoo!"

3. I am convinced the reason I have multiple trees is because of how much more I like doing just about anything if there's a Christmas tree in my line of sight. I would probably have folded the pile of laundry that's been sitting in my room days ago if there was a tree in my room. I'm off to tell Dave that now...

4. My kids have a bucket list of travels too. Luckily, we have several more years to save for those because Dave doesn't want to start till Miller is 7 or 8. On their list: Alaska, Africa, Aruba and Australia. Besides being all places that begin with A, they'll need to wear hand me downs for their entire tween years to afford those travels.


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