Monday, December 15, 2014

Mother/Son Adventure

Our Children's Ministry sponsored a day for boys and their mom.  My kids looked forward to this for weeks.  We were happy to get there and see some of our favorite friends.  

Each table had plates, paper towel rolls, tape and marbles.  We were all to build marble runs.  Some of us did better than others.  (I was in the others category!)

We even had some girl moms show up to help us!  (That is what I love about church life.  This event didn't offer anything for them but they came and worked so we could have a good experience!)

Lunch was Chickfila!  You can never go wrong with a nugget tray from CFA!

After lunch, we took off on our scavenger hunt.  As you can tell, I was quite excited about this.  (Had I known the Glenn team would not win, I would not have run so fast in the beginning!)

It's all fun and games at the Mother/Son Adventure until someone gets one of the pom-poms that shot out of your shooter.

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