Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Micah's 3 year old Preschool Open House

I know I've said this before, but Micah goes to an amazing preschool. This place is the reason I got a job. I wanted him there so I found a part-time job to pay for it. And, let me tell you. It has been worth every hour I have worked. This place combines Montessori learning with Traditional Learning. They have a garden and grow their own snacks. They have a science porch. They pour their own drinks at lunch and clean up with brooms and dustpans after lunch. It's pretty impressive. And, then we show up for Open House and get even more impressed.
It was scheduled for a Tuesday night back in October but bad weather threatened the evening so they moved it to Thursday.  When the move happened, Dan could no longer attend because he had a prior commitment that could not be changed.  So, the plan was for me to take the boys alone.  I brought Jonah home from school to get homework done before getting Micah.  Well, when Jonah's teacher got to the preschool to pick up her son, she called to see if she could get Micah and drop him to me.  (We have been on each other's pick up list all year and that has been super helpful!!)  I knew they had to get to the same place we did (and her husband was out of town) so I threw a chicken pot pie together quickly and text her back to say I'd have dinner for us and the kids.  Teamwork, people!!!!  

We ate dinner and all rode together to the Open House.  Jonah and Addison were happy to lead their younger siblings through.  We had to keep reminding them that it was Micah and Grayson's school and not theirs!  They helped the little guys get their "Museum Tour Pass" and we all began the trek through the school.  This year's theme was an Art Museum.  Each class has been studying a different artist and did their classroom on that artist.  It was super cool!

Micah's class did Leonardo Da Vinci.  And, I wish I had recorded Micah saying his name because it is pretty much the cutest thing he has ever said.  

Here is Micah with one of his teachers, Mrs. Minnie.  

We moved from Micah's classroom to the Science Porch and then the garden.  All the kids loved being out there.  

This is what happens when one kid moves a lot while taking pictures!

Grayson's class had Claude Money as their Artist.  

After you finished the tour, there were snacks outside and the Kona Ice truck was there for snow cones.  Jessica and I watched the kids run and play then moved to the play ground and let them play for another hour.  It was fun for them to play and fun for us to chat!

We are grateful for experiences Micah has at this school.  We're so pleased with his academic progress but even more pleased with his spiritual progress.  Now, if only he could learn to use a pair of scissors...

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