Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Pajama Pics

 I used to take Christmas Pajama photos on Christmas Even. Then, last year, I got smart and started doing them a few days before so that the stress level was lower, bedtime was not a pressing issue and opening gifts wasn't part of the bribery.  

 If you happen to wonder how we get Max to sit there for pictures, then you should know that we totally bribe him with a green.  After he has worked so hard, we then put the Greenie on his nose and make him wait for the command that he can eat it.  Don't you wish you were our pet?  

1 comment:

Cathi said...

That's the best tip yet, Nicki!! I'm bummed that I didn't really get a good ONE of Colton in his new Christmas pjs so I'll definitely steal this idea for next year! Great photos of the boys...and Max! :)


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