Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas in DeLand

Our church did this massive Christmas event this year called Christmas in DeLand.  I almost hesitate to use the word massive because I know this is small compared to what is coming.  But, for our church, it was massive.  And, for our town, it was massive.  So, add in the camels and donkeys next year and it will go to a whole other level.  But, regardless of what is to come, this year was great and the potential we have to serve our community and proclaim the Gospel so clearly is just incredible to me.  

I snagged a few photos from the church Facebook page so you could get a little taste of that our crazy busy weekend was like.  

 Yes, our family rode across the stage being pulled by a horse.  Yes, it was pretty much the most exciting part of Micah's life up until this point.  He still talks about this DAILY!

I had my camera there for the last night so I took the opportunity to take a few photos after it was all over.  One might think that little boys who sat for 3 hours watching a Christmas Program would be happy to sit and smile for photos.  One might be wrong about that.  

Jonah and Gracie Jan have many pictures together over the years.  They were in Pre-K 3 together and I can assure you, this isn't the only picture of Jonah with her that he is embarrassed about.  (Think Donkey costume in VPK!)
Jonah did several things in the program but he loved being an Elf with Santa.  Like, LOVED!!!!  

"You is Olaf and you is Penny's Daddy!"

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