Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Day- 2014 (Part Two)

We finally got motivated enough to change out of our pajamas into real clothes.  Before you go thinking we were ambitious, you should know that we totally would have stayed in pajamas had we not had lunch guests arriving within the hour.  While I put the finishing touches on lunch, Micah grilled a hot dog for us and Jonah serenaded us via the walkie-talkie.  

We bought a karaoke machine for the boys then decided that might be too loud and annoying.  Who on earth knew that Jonah would use the walkie-talkie as his own personal microphone?  The kid serenaded us ALL. DAY. LONG!

Before our guests arrived, the kids had time to open another gift.  These were both from MiMi.  (And, both were big hits!!)

Jonah got another K'Nex set and Micah got a cool airplane that came with tools that you put together and take apart.  It has been great for his fine motor skills.  There are other pieces to this collection that I want to get him.  It was a great toy that has kept his attention for days!  He has taken it apart and put it together numerous times.  

Jonah asked for K'Nex this Christmas and HE GOT K'NEX!  He got the big set from Santa then a few smaller sets as gifts.  He has spent the past few days working on these.  

Jonah wanted to take a picture of us.  He makes me laugh as he manipulates the camera.  

Louise arrived at our house about 30 minutes before the rest of the guests.  She came bearing gifts that our kids LOVED!  Jonah got the game, Blokus and Micah got the Imaginext Joker Laugh Factory.  

They both adore this lady!  She had stepped in to be grandma since their grandmothers live 12 hours away.  She would do most anything for these boys and they know it.  There is a LOT of love between these three.  
She gave us a sweet card with a gift card.  Dan read her real words but I reread it using made up words about how much she loves me specifically.  :-)
It was finally time for lunch.  Let me tell you, we had some food!  SERIOUS FOOD!  It was so good.  
Spiral Ham, Fried Chicken, Turkey...
Chicken & Dressing, Green Bean casserole...
Crockpot Mac & Cheese, Corn Casserole...
Sweet Potato Casserole, Lima Beans...
Cranberry Sauce, Rolls, Tomatoes... 
Eclair Cake, Cranberry/Nut Bread, Pecan Pie, Cherry Cheesecake, Happy Birthday Jesus (Homemade Vanilla Bean Cake) birthday cake.  
And, the boys also got a couple of gifts from our lunch guests.  And, the proceeded to make a huge mess with them.  It's hard to play with Lincoln Logs without making a huge mess!

The kids were so excited to sit at their own table.  I wish I could tell you how much they enjoyed the lunch I slaved over.  But, sadly, they are terrible eaters and that isn't the case.  Micah's Christmas lunch consisted of strawberries, goldfish, cranberry sauce and a roll.  Nothing says holiday cheer quite like that.  

We were happy to have Christmas lunch with Louise, Benny & Jan Arnold, Len & Dot Milner and Glenn & Bonnie Rogers.  We always seek out those who would be having lunch alone and then invite them over.  It is a win/win for us.  We get to take away the lonely for someone and our kids get the benefit of being with other people for the holiday.  They don't know what it is like to have Christmas lunch with a grandparent or cousins or aunts but this gives them the feeling of being with family.  
While the kids weren't so fond of my lunch, they LOVED all of the desserts.  Bonnie even showed up with chocolate ice cream because that is what Jonah said was his favorite dessert.  

The adults visited for several hours while the kiddos played with their toys.  They were so good.  I'm so proud of the way they play together and love each other.  
After everyone left, they got to open a couple more presents.  I'm not sure clothes are the most exciting thing to open but here we are three years later and the pants are their favorite item of clothing.  We have washed them and they put them back on right out of the dryer.  And, just a little secret, the Superman pants were bought last year but I forgot to give them to Jonah.  I found them and knew he would still love them.  

I wanted Micah to have a pair too but all they had was Spongebob or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  We don't do Spongebob around here so I grabbed the TMNT pair for him.  Neither of my kids like the turtles and as much as I tried to push them for Christmas gifts, they both kept saying "No thanks!"  Well, this kid opened these pants and started jumping up and down and screaming about how much he loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  WHO KNEW!?!?!

We sat down to do our 25th day of both Advent Activities.  This was such a sweet, sweet time over the month of December.  Our kids loved it and we did too.  
They hung the final ornament on this little tree which was a Happy Birthday Jesus bookmark.  
Have I mentioned how much they love these fleece pants?  Oh, I have?  Ok.  Moving on.
They put the last ornament on the Blessings tree then we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.  It was a beautiful way to end this season.  
We were all exhausted from the early morning so we let the kids open a combined gift that we knew was a DVD of Planes: Fire and Rescue.  We all settled in to watch the movie.  

Well, not Max.  He settled in to chew his new squirrel.  

I looked over and thought that Micah was being extra still.  
DUDE WAS OUT!  That early morning got the best of him.  I'd love to tell you that he went to bed and we all stayed up much later.  But, he was in bed by 6:00 and the rest of us were asleep by 7:15.  

It was truly a Merry Christmas.  We spent the entire day together loving each other, loving our gifts, loving this life God has given us and thanking Him for Jesus.  It was perfect!

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