Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Day- 2014 (Part One)

 We let the boys sleep together on Christmas Eve.  They love being in the room together but it is never a good idea if they need sleep.  They stay up waaaaay too late talking, singing and giggling.  Then, they wake up hours before they do when they are in their own rooms.  If each of them are in their own room, they typically sleep until 8:00 or 9:00.  Since they were sleeping together, I felt sure they would be awake by 7:00 at the latest.  We told them them they woke up, they should call for us.  I heard them at 5:22.  When we went into their room, Jonah told me he woke up in the 4's. Thankfully, I did not hear them until after the 5's.  That was early enough!

 They ran out to see their 3 gifts from Santa.  I love how they are always just as excited about what the other one got.  

 Even though it was before 6 a.m., we enjoyed a yummy burger off of Micah's new grill.  
 After playing with Santa gifts for a while, we moved over to read the Christmas Story.  We always read it out of a Children's Bible and then a regular bible.  This year, as Jonah started to read, he mentioned Mary and Joseph and Micah grabbed them from the Little People Nativity Set.  It ended up being the sweetest moment we ever had with the Christmas Story.  He continued to use all of the people from the set to portray what was being read to us.  

 We got a package in the mail from Jennifer Russ, our pediatrician in Natchez.  It had a great book about the Christmas story from the perspective of the donkey.  Jonah read that one to us also.  

 We stopped to thank God for sending Jesus and to thank Him for the blessings in our lives.  
 The boys moved to their stockings next.  I'm usually way behind on stocking stuffers but I was well prepared this year and did not have to rush around at the last minute.  And, they loved the stuff in there.  

 If you have been around Micah at all, then you know that he has a slight crush on Hello Kitty.  And, by slight crush, I kind of mean a full on obsession!  When we spotted this bubble bath, we had to get it.  The boys use bubble bath most every night so this was an easy gift.  

 Do you remember you very first CD (or tape or record, depending on your age!?!?!) you ever got?  We both do.  Mine was an Amy Grant tape and Dan's was a Quiet Riot tape.  (Who is the spiritual one here, Ahem!!)  Well, Jonah got his first CD this year.  Thanks to Children's Church and Z88, he LOVES "We Believe" by the Newsboys.  So, we bought him his first CD.  I could have gotten it directly from iTunes cheaper but there is just something about holding it in your hand and it being his first album.  As you can see, he was very excited!

 He is also a huge fan of Adventures in Odyssey.  If you have kids and don't know about these audio stories, you need to check them out.  My kids are obsessed.  We listen to them in the car all the time.  (And, in the house and car!)  If you live local and want to borrow some of ours, you are welcome to try them out.  

 Another favorite stocking stuffer were these VBS shirts.  Our church never does the Lifeway shirt for VBS so they didn't have this one.  They LOVE VBS and Agency D3 so I knew these would be a hit when I saw them for .72 cents at Lifeway a few weeks ago.  

 And, by chance, Micah did not get forgotten this year.  He loved his stocking treats.  

 Midway through the stockings, I asked the boys if they wanted to eat breakfast.  They ran into the kitchen and remembered the cookies and milk they had left Santa.  They were happy to see a letter from their elf, Phibby.  They were sad to see him go but happy Santa had arrived. 
 They had a super nutritious breakfast of Krispy Kreme (delivered the day before by a church member) and Munchkins from Dunkin Donuts.  I've tried the Christmas mornings of nice meals but they don't touch it.  So, I finally gave in last year and did cinnamon rolls.  They loved those.  This year, they requested Munchkins.  I did redeem all the sugar by making Grinches out of marshmallows, strawberries, bananas and grapes.  

 While the boys ate, Dan impressed us all by making a windmill out of Micah's Tinkertoys.  (Or, a big ole flower according to Micah!)

 We went outside for a while to let Micah ride his bike.  He was so happy and so sweet about the bike.  He said "I didn't know I would get a bike.  I didn't know I wanted a bike.  I SO happy about this!"  And, he was exactly right.  He had never mentioned a bike.  But, we knew he needed one.  He loved it.  I can hardly to get out there with him.  He will be pedaling away from us in no time!

 The boys shopped for each other and exchanged those gifts yesterday morning.  Dan helped Micah pick out a flat ball for Jonah.  It has been a huge hit.  Jonah got Micah a Hello Kitty flashlight.  He was thrilled.  

 They opened their presents from Zoo-Zoo next.  Jonah got a chess game since he learned to play on our cruise.  Micah got a felt sandwich kit.  Perfect choices for them!

 We gave them a combined gift of Walkie-Talkies and it was probably the gift of the day.  They loved them!  This was totally Dan's idea and he won the award for the best gift.  (We had actually bought them for our cruise but ended up borrowing a set from a friend.  I went to return them and Dan suggested keeping them instead!)

After this, we all changed clothes and started getting ready for our Christmas company.   Stay tuned...

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Aja said...

I teared up at the first picture of Micah on his bike. Can't believe that little guy is getting so big! I love watching him grow!

Also, my first tapes were as follows (I got the three free from when Nina sighed up for Columbia House back in the day):
Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet
Def Leppard Hysteria
Heart self titled


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